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Google’s Phone app now supports call recording!

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 1
Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 2

Google‘s Phone

The new beta version of app supports call recording. Here’s our proof of how to do it.

Xiaomi through a study by MIUI

on Messages and Converter there was a survey about whether their app would come back, or rather, the possibility of recording calls.

This feature is sought after by many people. Google is not possible to use in stock converter. There is actually a way, and it’s also pretty simple and accessible to everyone. directly Play Store

by requesting beta will suffice, but the basic prerequisite is, Android 11

Having a smartphone with the operating system and this phone is not rooted.

Google Phone can record calls!

You need to be included in the beta program of the application through the Play Store. Later on Phone

Update and magically you can now make direct calls without having to resort to third-party apps. From Google translator you will be able to save.

Basically the beta program, Phone doesn’t seem to report major changes to the app, but a graphic-level change looks pretty tangible and nice. You notice this if you have added an emoticon next to the caller’s name.

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 3

The emoji in question will look brighter and more modern, in short, less “flat” but much more eye-catching in terms of color tones.

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 4

Another innovation is exactly when we make or receive a call, because the Record button will appear among the available options and you can start recording the call. When the button is pressed, an audio guide will alert us that audio recording has started and the button will turn red. When the record button is pressed to end the recording, the audio guide will again notify us that the recording is complete.

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 5

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 6

To listen to the recorded call Phone, go to the last tab and press the one you saved. A play button will then appear, allowing you to listen to the speech again in hands-free mode. You can also cancel the call or use chat, mail, etc. You can share via call logs . WAV

Please note that it is made in format, hence high quality.

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 7

Google's Phone app now supports call recording! 8

Of course, the available options of the beta program do not end there. By clicking the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the phone application, go to settings. Call log we can reach the area where the menu will be displayed. From here we can set up automatic entries for unknown numbers or specific contacts in the address book.

On the other hand, we can also enable the default deletion option of records. By choosing a period between 7, 14 and 30 days, a period of time during which all recordings will be automatically deleted can be determined.

Finally, Google

As stated in ‘s instructions, you cannot record an ongoing call, these are:

  • Until the call is answered
  • If the call is on hold
  • If the call tone is turned off
  • If you create a conference call

At this point, this new feature scores points and makes it to the top of the rankings, making it super complete in terms of privacy as well, anti-spam that integrates filters Google seems like everyone will be satisfied with the stock converter now.

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