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How to cancel Amazon Prime membership?

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership? 1

Monthly 7,90 Turkish Lira

Amazon Prime operating in our country with a price of ; free shipping, Image, Gaming, Amazing etc. appeals to users with services. For example, thanks to Prime, you can buy a work that normally requires a shipping price of 10 TL, only at its own price. A random shipping or shipping cost is not reflected on your credit card. So how do you do when you decide to cancel your Amazon Prime membership?

Prepared with the smallest details Amazon Prime membership termination we touched on this issue. It is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to take advantage of Amazon’s special discounts, free shipping service and other advantages while you are not using Prime.

Amazon Prime cancellation – Photo Lecture

In summary; To cancel Amazon Prime, log in to your account and “Accounts and Lists”

Click on the menu. Subsequently “Prime”

Login to section. in the upper right corner “Manage Membership”

Select the menu and then “Unsubscribe” button. On the next page, “Cancel My Benefits”

Click and follow the instructions to complete the process.

You can find more detailed information by following the photo narration guide below:

1. My name: Log in to your Amazon account by clicking the link here and go to the top right corner of the page. with mouse “Accounts and Lists”

Hover over and from the menu “My Prime Membership”

Click on .

2. My name: In the upper right corner of the page, “Membership” under “Update settings”

Click the button. Subsequently “End membership and privileges”

Press .

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership? 2

3. My name: On the next page, Amazon will ask if you are sure you want to end your Prime benefits. If you are sure and do not want to pay any more money, you need to press the “Continue the Cancellation Process” button.

4. My name: Amazon, which once again asks for your approval, is on the last exit before the bridge. Cancel Prime membership asks you to make sure that you are persistent in your decision before the process. If your answer is still ‘yes’, “…. terminate my membership on

You can click the button. What you see in the photo 23 August 2021 date may not be exact for you, you don’t need to have any doubt about it.

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership? 3

Does Amazon Prime offer refunds?

According to Amazon’s statement, Free Delivery and Prime Image including Didn’t take advantage of Amazon Prime privileges members are entitled to a full refund. In this bet, you can rely on the company’s customer service number +90 811 213 0085. Alternatively, you can contact the authorities online via the Customer Service Center on the website, Amazon cashback you can request.

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