7-seater family vehicle Dacia Jogger introduced!

7-seater family vehicle Dacia Jogger introduced! 1

Although the concept of family vehicle is not well known in the automotive segment, some vehicles are about to be created for picnics. Dacia Jogger, introduced today, also has a capacity of 7 people. large families is prepared to meet your every need. Such a move from Dacia, Renault’s entry-level car-making arm, also on price gives us hope.

Dacia Jogger offers low fuel consumption with LPG option

Both those who need large luggage and Up to 7 peopleThe Jogger, designed for those who want to carry passengers, also promises low fuel consumption. your vehicle LPG from the factory fuel option strengthens this claim a little more. It is good news for some of us that LPG, which has a high usage rate in our country, comes directly from the manufacturer.

7-seater family vehicle Dacia Jogger introduced! 2

A must have in every vehicle now Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, we also see Dacia’s proprietary navigation system. Modular roof bars are also not missing. Dacia Jogger, which also has the electric parking brake detail in its cockpit, also has a service table for the rear seat passengers. Especially for long trips, these details will be nice.

In the middle of the vehicle’s driving systems, there are parking sensors, hill climbing support, blind spot warning system and emergency brake support system. The storage capacity in the vehicle is 24 liters and the luggage capacity can be up to 1,819 liters. assertive about fuel consumption ECO-G engine, depending on your usage Up to 1000 kilometers can offer range.

7-seater family vehicle Dacia Jogger introduced! 3

Now a price information for the Dacia Jogger, which can be a good choice for long multi-person trips not disclosed. Along with the price, we have not learned much about the technical features. We expect details about the vehicle to be announced in the coming days. What is certain, at least for now, is that the Dacia Jogger also in our country to be sold.

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