Another breakthrough for ‘immortality’ from Jeff Bezos!

Another breakthrough for 'immortality' from Jeff Bezos! 1

Jeff Bezos, one of the most talked about names of recent years, and Elon Musk continues to confuse people by always coming up with different issues.

As it is known, Elon Musk conducts space research with the SpaceX company and sends rockets to orbit. Bezos is competing with Blue Origin in this race. While there were extremely contentious days in the middle of the duo, Jeff Bezos rolled up his sleeves to find immortality this time. Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person in the world, has made another investment within the scope of research on immortality.

Jeff Bezos makes a new investment in Altos Labs

The wealthiest person in the world, Bezos has once again invested in an anti-aging biotech company to research how to rejuvenate people. The company that Jeff Bezos invested in is now Altos Labs, which was founded earlier this year.

Another breakthrough for 'immortality' from Jeff Bezos! 2

US-based company Altos Labs is convicted of conducting research to discover immortality. As you know, Bezos is one of the investors of this venture and investing in Altos Labs is looking for ways to reach his goals more quickly.

According to the prominent information, Altos Lab; He is working on a technology called “reprogramming,” which basically involves adding protein to the cell, further instructing the cell to return to a stem cell-like state.

Earlier in 2012, Scientist Shinya Yamanaka tried this procedure on mice and was awarded the Nobel Prize. Here we will see Shinya Yamanaka again in Altos Labs’ research. Yamanaka will join Altos Labs as the leader of the scientific referral committee and will also contribute to research.

Altos Lab, which conducts research on anti-aging, currently continues its studies in the USA and the UK. However, the company in the coming days to expand the scope of research; The Gulf will establish and accelerate its work at multiple research institutes in San Diego, Cambridge, the United Kingdom and Japan.

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