Autonomy good news from the domestic electric utility Tragger!

Autonomy good news from the domestic electric utility Tragger! 1

The 100% electric service vehicle Tragger, produced at the factory in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone, has been serving users since 2018. The domestic vehicle designed to meet the needs in the logistics field will become driverlessannounced . The epicenter of the new breakthrough within the scope of the agreement between Tragger and FEV Turkey will be Informatics Valley. Autonomy tests of the electric vehicle begin in Bilişim Valley.

Autonomy Tragger targets the European and US market

Autonomy tests that will take place within the Informatics Valley in Kocaeli will start soon. Receiving the support of FEV Turkey, which operates in the fields of vehicle development, software, autonomous driving, conventional and electric propulsion systems, Tragger said if things go as planned. Ready for commercialization in 2022

It will be .

In the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it was stated that the Autonomy Tragger will be showcased in the US and European markets in the first place.

Autonomy good news from the domestic electric utility Tragger! 2

Tragger Co-Founder Ali Serdar Emre made a statement about the bet. your vehicle high mobility, quiet and environmental it said. Afterwards, Emre added the following words:

“On top of that comes autonomy. We are excited for it. In the first quarter of 2022, we aim to put it on sale in specific locations that we have determined commercially. We have started these studies in the markets we have determined such as Europe, America, Middle East and North Africa. ” said.

Tragger, which can serve for 6 hours on a single charge with its 7.4 kW engine, can carry 700 kg of load and 2 tons towing capacity exists. your vehicle autonomy at level 4 was announced to be developed. In this direction 7 lidar, 1 radar and 1 camera sensor set was designed. Thanks to the sensors, the surrounding environment 360 degrees will be able to detect. Thus, in case of a possible collision Moving objects up to 80 meters will be able to parse. In addition, thanks to the relevant software and contact modules, it is planned that Tragger can be completely controlled over the internet and the data will be stored in the cloud environment.

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