China to build kilometers-long ultra-large space station

China to build kilometers-long ultra-large space station 1

China, ultra large spacecraft undertook a comprehensive study. One of the largest spacecraft to orbit Space Shuttle. Despite this, the spacecraft currently carrying astronauts into space are quite small. But a huge spacecraft from some directions, Mars and other interesting objects to explore traveling to deep space will make it easier. Scientists in China want to do just that.

A big spacecraft, more for the crew fuel, food and water means area. China National Natural Science Foundation invites scientists to join a project to investigate a kilometer-long spacecraft and its station. A massive spacecraft of this scale will be built in orbit, as it cannot be launched from the ground.

Budgeted $2.3 million for ultra-large spacecraft

There is now limited information about the study. But the project is huge. space-based Solar power potential including power plants megaprojects will have practical applications. Presumably, astronauts will leave Earth in a current-generation capsule-like vehicle and stay in these massive vehicles while in orbit.

China to build kilometers-long ultra-large space station 2
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In this form, the ultra-large spacecraft will make it possible to stay in orbit longer. Because it can be self-sufficient for a longer period of time. However, in the document in question, kilometer-scale ultra-large spacecraft, ” future use of space resources, exploration of the mysteries of the cosmos and long-term placement in orbit is described as “large strategic aviation equipment for

South China Morning Post

According to the news of , the project is designed to reduce the number of launches and constructions. to minimize the scale of the spacecraft will focus. Modeling of in-orbit dynamics, ground simulation tests of dynamics and inspection of the space assembly process are also within the scope of the research.

China to build kilometers-long ultra-large space station 3

China, maximum for five-year project $2.3 million allocated a budget. However, the issue of exactly what this budget will be spent on has created a debate. Because the size is very small and even a small capsule cannot be made with this budget. In this regard, the financing unit of China’s ministry of science and technology made an announcement. The budget is just for the ultra-large spacecraft. preliminary research added that it is intended.

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