Delightful development for Apple Car

Delightful development for Apple Car 1

It has recently emerged that Apple is in talks with some Asian car technology suppliers, including LG Electronics and SK Group. According to the claim, the company Apple Car for tests vehicle test centerbought.

Apple Car tests will be held in Arizona

located quickly outside of Phoenix Arizona 5. 458 acres test site, some time ago Route 14 Investment Partners LLC

Rented by . Route14, which is thought to be related to Apple, has managed to maintain its secrecy as it carries out the processes through a law office.

Delightful development for Apple Car 2

Purchase process discovered by MacRumors. for 125 million dollars It is not yet known when the purchased test center will be operational.

Apple’s Corporation Trust Company (CTC)

Stating that they have a mailbox in which Route 14 is also registered , analysts stated that the two companies have an organic bond.

Apple’s recent acceleration of electric vehicle studies brings new rumors. Apple, which has been known to work with companies such as Hanwha and LG Electronics for a long time, has come to an end on the subject of electric vehicles, according to the thesis.

Apple has two engineers working at Mercedes “Special Projects Group” to work with. In the midst of arguments, the company’s first Apple Car model in 2024 will be released.

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