Exciting claim about the release date of Apple Car!

Exciting claim about the release date of Apple Car! 1

Technology manufacturer company, Apple Car

Strong arguments that it will release a car named do not fall off the agenda. The source of the previous theses was a patent. The company’s patent could be for use in a car. The subject of the word is the patent, signal system

It shows a new design for . Patent, with LED lights in screen explains that a system that displays it as text will take.

Now the company has not made a statement about the vehicle. But finally, a new thesis to market date.

They pointed to 2024 for Apple Car

Previously, sources said that Apple’s car in question was replaced by 2027. in 2024,, that is, he claimed that he would introduce it earlier than expected. Finally, a new piece of news supports this date. In addition, in the previous news, the managers of the US technology company in Japan and Korea

He claimed that he had visited the car manufacturers in . This latest news also supports this claim.

Exciting claim about the release date of Apple Car! 2

Digitimes Asis

According to , the visits are on how to produce the Apple Car model. Moreover, it is currently the most influential in the automotive industry. of the global chip crisis this development took place in the middle. In addition, processors, they argued, as well as issues with other unspecified components.

Apple’s previously car module also appeared to have visited its manufacturers and installers. some of these Toyota, LG Electronics and SK Group. In addition, Hyundai has also been claimed to assemble the new model in the USA. Moreover, these arguments also pointed to 2024. Apart from that, according to the arguments, the company is working on a new single-cell car battery design.

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