Full Self-Driving Beta 10 from Elon Musk

Full Self-Driving Beta 10 from Elon Musk 1

Full Self-Driving Beta 9. 2 software, some Tesla users criticized the company due to errors detected. 9. Acknowledging that there is a problem with version 2 Elon Musk, gave the news for the new update.

Tesla, which was investigated in the USA for the autopilot accidents it was involved in in the past weeks, is nearing the end of its software update.

Full Self-Driving Beta 10 update will be released soon

US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), produced between 2014 and mid-2021 to investigate autopilot accidents Y, X, S and 3 models announced that it will review. Officials stated that a total of 765 thousand cars will be examined. 11 different crashes announced that it was detected.

Full Self-Driving Beta 10 from Elon Musk 2

Fire, police and ambulance with emergency vehicles brought to mind that autopilot systems are not fully ready now.

Tesla Full Self-Driving technology is currently in full swing. own is not capable of self-driving. Tesla recently held at the AI ​​event gave information about his work on autonomous driving. During the event, Elon Musk argued that his technology would eventually be more than adequate for the average driver.

of the new update on September 10 is stated to be available to all Tesla users. Stating that the Full Self-Driving Beta 10.1 update will be released within 2 weeks, Musk said, “It seems promising that the request button for Beta 10.1 will be open to everyone after about 2 weeks. ” he used the words.

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