Historic decision from Volkswagen: Production ends in 2030!

Historic decision from Volkswagen: Production ends in 2030! 1

According to a new report published Volkswagen plans to end manual transmission production. 2030, as a result of the worldwide electrification pressure, VW aims to sell only electric cars in Europe. in electric cars manual gearbox

The absence of pushes the brand to produce only automatic gearboxes.

Some of the car enthusiasts who read the report found the decision logical, while others reacted. Those who think that manual transmissions are indispensable for driving pleasure did not like the decision. Although it is on the automatic transmission option list in our country, this situation is the opposite in the rest of the world. Manual transmission is mostly sold as an option as it represents driving pleasure.

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Volkswagen bids farewell to manual transmission

It has taken its place in the middle of the arguments that the new generation Tiguan, which is planned to be launched in 2023, will only be offered for sale with an automatic transmission. Just like the Passat, which was updated in the same year, it will lose the manual transmission option. based car magazine Auto Motor und Sport says this will affect not only the VW brand, but the VW Cluster as a whole. Therefore Skoda, Seat and Audi’s looks like we will no longer be able to see manual gearboxes in new models.

Driving enthusiasts aren’t about to be happy with the manual transmission’s latest demise. However, this decision has been on the agenda for more than ten years. After all, we knew this would happen eventually. Fortunately, VW’s latest-generation 2022 Golf GTI and Golf R models still have a manual transmission option.

Historic decision from Volkswagen: Production ends in 2030! 2

It is an undeniable fact that electric cars will become more common in the future. Although they are very successful in acceleration (0-100) for now, it is difficult to say the exact thing about top speed. Earlier Porsche Taycan, the maximum speed of the vehicle was increased thanks to the double-gear transmission system. In this way, the vehicle was able to gain an advantage over its electric rivals.

Historic decision from Volkswagen: Production ends in 2030! 3

Electric cars are still a new and always evolving technology. The development of new driving technologies could put manual transmission back on the agenda. It is true that most of the users prefer automatic transmission. But car brands will not underestimate the rest of the users.

Which one do you choose when you make a choice? The convenience of an automatic gearbox or the driving pleasure of a manual gearbox? Your ideas are in the comments section and SDN Forum

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