How many Starlinks has SpaceX sold? Here are the numbers

How many Starlinks has SpaceX sold? Here are the numbers 1

Elon Musk’s SpaceXcompany, how many Starlink announced that it was selling satellites. The space transportation company will launch Starlink in late 2020. beta service launched. The subject program, satellite Internet. The price of this service is per month. 99 dollars. But this does not include the satellite terminal itself. User terminal or an antenna dish, stand and power supply as well as a WiFistarter kit with router costs cash price $499.

SpaceX sold 100,000 Starlinks

Finally Elon Musk, in a post on Twitter 100 thousand satellite Internet terminals announced that they shipped. It also listed 14 regions where the service is currently available. These; USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia.

How many Starlinks has SpaceX sold? Here are the numbers 2
View of Starlink satellites from Earth.

Satellite Internet especially Unable to access internet or restricted is of great value in places. Personal service is actually aimed at this at the beginning. Presumably this is why customers are willing to even pay a very high upfront payment. CNBC

According to , the company announced in July 90 thousand users reached. In just a few weeks, it registered another 10,000 customers.

SpaceX, Starlink sales are increasing rapidly. Musk said, We shipped 100 thousand terminals”, “Our license applications in many more countries are pending. We hope to serve Earth soon!” said.

https://twitter. com/elonmusk/status/1429907171639103489

The service offers its customers Internetin orbit to establish the relationship to thousands of small satellites owner. SpaceX already has approximate results for the Starlink constellation. bin 800 satellites placed in orbit. But in the future 42 thousand plans to launch smaller Internet satellite.

company leader Gwynne Shotwell previously Starlink, September

in always have global coverage said he could reach. Of course, this will only happen if all deployed satellites reach their operational orbits.

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