How much are used cars in the USA?

How much are used cars in the USA? 1

The chip crisis brought about by the coronavirus epidemic did not only affect smartphone production. At the same time, it almost struck a blow to car production. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find new vehicles in many parts of the world, especially in our country. In addition, compared to the pre-epidemic, there is a noticeable increase in the prices of both second-hand and new cars.

Well, what about used car prices in the USA?We took a look at used car prices on CarMax, one of the well-known used car retailers in the country. However, we also looked at the models that do not exist in Turkey and made a short price comparison.

There is an increase in used cars in the USA

Japan-based car manufacturer Honda second hand electric and hybrid vehicles is very heavy in the country. For example, the 2017 model Civic at 63.000 km, approximately 23 thousand dollars (average 190 thousand TL excluding taxes) is sold. The 2018 model Honda Civic Si is at 55,000 km. 27 thousand dollars (approximately 224 thousand TL) is on display.

Second-hand Tesla vehicles, which are offered to consumers at more valuable prices than their competitors, are also common in the USA. Located at 17,000 km 2018 Tesla Model X is waiting for its buyer with a price of 89 thousand dollars (approximately 740 thousand TL). Tesla Model 3 Long Range, whose battery can last longer, at 53,000 km and 42 thousand dollars (approximately 349 thousand TL) is in the middle of the vehicles offered for sale.

If you wish, let’s not prolong the word and leave you alone with our video…

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