Images from Xiaomi’s electric car were shared!

Images from Xiaomi's electric car were shared! 1

Manufacturers that we generally know with their smartphones are now surpassing themselves. also in the automotive field started to operate. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider Xiaomi as an endeavor, because the company has already released thousands of products. from the middle of this excitingelectric car that we can count Xiaomi M1

The first images for have arrived.

Simple design reveals with Xiaomi M1 render sights

We learned about the future of the Xiaomi M1, which looks quite plain, with the company announcement made in March. The new company, which was founded under the name Xiaomi Motors, was going to start working to produce electric cars, and with these images, there is a turning point. Render images showing some interior and exterior design details of the vehicle were shared via Xiaomi’s official forum. With its futuristic design that looks exciting Xiaomi M1 can take sedan enthusiasts to another world.

Images from Xiaomi's electric car were shared! 2
Images from Xiaomi's electric car were shared! 3
Images from Xiaomi's electric car were shared! 4

The MIUI operating system known to Xiaomi smartphone users is blended for cars and integrated into the navigation system of this vehicle. At this point with our Xiaomi devices great harmony waiting for it to be caught.

Although we do not know much about the technical details, we do know what the configuration options are. Does not support Turkish Xiao AI voice assistant will be integrated into the navigation system and will have a holographic and wide interior in the cockpit. control center

It will be .

In total in the coming years With an investment of 10 billion dollarsThe intentions of Xiaomi Motors, which will move, are big. We are also wondering how the manufacturer, which is especially popular in the Far East market, will gain an impression with electric cars. How did you find the Xiaomi M1 design?

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