Mars rover Perseverance succeeds on second try!

Mars rover Perseverance succeeds on second try! 1

NASA Perseverancerover robot, in February Mars landed in the Jezero Crater. It began its mission in a 45 km wide pit, about 20 degrees north of the Martian equator. According to scientists, this place may have been a lake billions of years ago. Therefore, the sediments of Jezero ancient microbial life they think they can bear their mark.

Then the Mars rover moved 2 km away from the landing position and Citadelle slowly reached a high climax. Because the mobile robot is trying to take a rock sample from here.

Perseverance collected rock sample

NASA, Perseverance’s second attempt from Mars rock sample announced that he received it. In August, the traveler also took a rock sample, but no samples were visible in the photographs showing the tube. NASA scientists estimate that the robot collected the rock sample, but the powdered sample fell to the ground around the borehole.

Mars rover Perseverance succeeds on second try! 2
In the photo shared by NASA, we see that the robot successfully drilled a hole.

Now NASA scientists are confident. According to the latest information, the drill of the Perseverance traveler, “ Rochette” pierced a thick layer. The images that have arrived in the past days are a rock sample showed that he had gathered in a faithful manner.

Mars rover Perseverance succeeds on second try! 3
In this scene, we see the mobile robot successfully placing the rock sample into the tube.

If the mobile robot is successful this time, it will be the first. So it will be the first rock sample obtained from another planet. However, before the robot seals the tube in which it stores the sample, a new your photo needs to shoot and send. Previously, the robot sent photos, but new images are needed for verification. NASA is eagerly awaiting these photos.

Also, Perseverance, the upcoming throughout the year is in charge of collecting dozens of rock samples. Then, these examples will be brought to the dwelling ten years later with the joint effort of the USA and Europe.

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