NASA forced to delay spacewalk

NASA forced to delay spacewalk 1

US Aviation and Space Agency, briefly NASA, one day before spacewalk made a new announcement. astronaut from the USA agency Mark Vande Hei, from the Japan space agency ( JAXA) Akihiko Hoshide would fly out of the International Space Station. In this task, which is expected to be held on Tuesday, August 24 (today), the duo new solar power wings would attach a fulcrum. But they won’t be able to get out of the station for now.

Spacewalk stuck in health problems

Two astronauts 7 hour spacewalkNASA had to delay. Because Mark Vande Hei is a little health problem. The US space agency announced this decision by making a statement yesterday. NASA, medical problem did not disclose the details, but this that there is no emergency stated.

NASA forced to delay spacewalk 2
Mark Vandei Hei

Two astronauts were preparing for the spacewalk mission until the delay. But Mark Vande Hei

Less than 24 hours before went out, health problems started a short time ago.

Mark VandeHei retired from the US army a colonel. Vande Hei, 54, has been on the space station since April. The astronaut will remain in space until next spring for a one-year mission, unless major setbacks. Also, this isn’t his first flight. This is the second time he is staying on the space station.

NASA is preparing a new plan for the spacewalk. SpaceX, cargo spacecraft will launch on August 28. This launch and Russian cosmonauts After the planned walks, NASA is considering doing the mission again. Accordingly, we expect the task to be fulfilled after September.

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