NASA has started test drives for the flying taxi!

NASA has started test drives for the flying taxi! 1

While flying car prototypes continue to be developed, this is the part where work will return to service. flying taxis the foundations are being laid. NASA, which is generally on our agenda with space exploration, has been used to form the basis of short-distance air transportation. to test flights and information analysisstarts.

The future of the flying taxi branch is taking shape

NASA is not producing a flying taxi prototype, but it sees itself as the agency that will do this research. With the permission of the Federal Aviation Administration, Joby Aviation’s flying vehicles were made available to NASA. The testing process for these vehicles has begun and Until 10 September will continue. During the process, the rotations that air taxis can use, the sound and pressure level in the taxi will be reported.

NASA has started test drives for the flying taxi! 2

Test to take place, Advanced Air Mobility is the first test process of the project. The flight data to be collected will shed light on further research in 2022. Moreover, information will be collected for the analysis of problems related to complex flight situations.

Now that flying cars have not gone beyond prototypes, we are hopeful that NASA is working on these vehicles. In addition, the electric operation of flying taxis excites us that more sensitive vehicles can enter our lives.

The use of Joby’s flying vehicles in NASA’s tests also adds prestige to the company. Uber has announced that it will soon begin activities related to flying cars, which of Joby Aviation bothered him a bit. Now, it seems that there is sufficient cooperation for the company.

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