New patent for Apple Car appeared!

New patent for Apple Car appeared! 1

Apple’s, Apple Car

The thesis that he will produce a car named has recently become very strong. Although the patents the company has received are of the type to be used in a car, Apple still has not announced a single word about its vehicle. The new patent, which may be related to the car that Apple will produce, signal system

It gives birth to a new design for .

Apple Car may come with unusual signal system

The new patent that Apple has received is probably putting down an idea that many drivers have thought of before. in vehicles with LED lights the created signal system cannot be misunderstood, especially by novice drivers and cyclists. Apple’s patent, on the other hand, sends signals directly to a in screen is showing as text.

New patent for Apple Car appeared! 2

In the latest version, more easily understandable visuals may replace text. However, this screen has the potential to be used to show different information to other drivers. It would even be neat if the plate could even consist of a screen.

Apple Car is slowly making itself sure

Companies that have never produced cars before naturally want to produce their own solutions. While doing this, they apply for patents and these applications do not escape the attention of the press. Because Apple is experiencing this scenario too Apple Car

We may hear more leak news about their cars, which we expect to be named .

We are curious about many details, especially the design of Apple’s car. According to rumors, this tool is the earliest. in 2025we’ll see.

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