Sad development about the release date of Tesla Roadster!

Sad development about the release date of Tesla Roadster! 1

Tesla, which is prominent in the car market with its electric and autonomous vehicles, has been critically criticized for its postponement decisions in the last period. Finally, the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, announced that the release date of the new Tesla Roadster model, which was postponed again and again, was postponed again.

Tesla Roadster delayed to 2023

The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, gave the sad news about the long-awaited Tesla Roadster. Musk shared on Twitter that the car’s release date year 2023 and the reason for this is due to the world-wide supply and chip crisis.

In fact, as individuals who closely follow Tesla know, this postponement decision is not the first. Because the Tesla Roadster was expected to be launched in 2020 in the first place and then to hit the roads. However, that period, Elon Musk said in his statement that the car was postponed to the end of 2021.

https://twitter. com/elonmusk/status/1433115031940440065

In the following January, the release date of the car was postponed to 2022. Now, another explanation has come, and finally, the release date of the car has been postponed to 2023. According to the information from sources close to the company, a new postponement announcement may come if the current grievances continue.

The fact that the company always decided to postpone many of its works, including the Tesla Roadster, started to attract a significant reaction. The company was previously Tesla Model S Plaid has delayed the deliveries of the model several times on the grounds that it will be fine-tuned. Besides, the company FSD

Various updates expected to come to the software were also delayed for a long time, causing users to reflect.

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