Scientists set a date for Mars travel

Scientists set a date for Mars travel 1

Humanity has been around for many years. Mars travel is making a great effort. Mistake space studies a large part Red Planet on the idea of ​​visiting the council, we can say. But it takes a long time to get there. space flights

Exposure to hazardous radiation during can cause many diseases.

Scientists on a trip to the Red Planet brain damage, gastrointestinal distress and cancer. All in all, it doesn’t sound good, but it’s impossible to withdraw from that goal now. In a new study, researchers with security problems offers to deal with. In addition, for this powerful space travel appropriate time also determined.

A trip to Mars should take a maximum of four years

Space Weather, researchers wrote, “This study, space radiation to impose strict limitations and for human mission to Mars technological challenges, it shows that such a task is still viable. ” said.

This is the middle team, the best time to travel to Mars simulations calculated by examining.

Scientists set a date for Mars travel 2
Mars rover Curiosity.

The article has two main dangerous particle radiation specifies the type. These, Solar powerful particles (SEP) and from outside the solar system galactic cosmic rays(GCR). Set, ” Solar max, he says, is the best time for humans to go to Mars. Solar maximum is the period when the Sun is at its highest level of activity.

Scientists set a date for Mars travel 3

Scientists’ calculations show that it will be possible to defend a Mars-bound spacecraft from energetic particles from the Sun. For Solar max

During , from distant galaxies the most dangerous and energetic particles are deflected by increased solar activity.

Scientists make round trip to Mars in less than four years advised to keep it. But the study is new protective materials acknowledges that it may change depending on its development. Moreover, the main danger of such a flight is Particles from outside our solar system they are reporting. However, they see it as likely to start travels from the 2030s.

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