Space missions that failed

Space missions that failed 1

Although it is mostly on the agenda with good news failed space missions is also very valuable. Soviet Union in 1957 Sputnik 1

The space race began with the launch of the satellite. Subsequently, the United States competed fiercely with its Cold War rivals for dominance in space. The space race that followed was filled with many notable achievements. But failures have also occurred, including some fatal disasters. Here are a few examples…

Failed space missions: Apollo 1 – 1967

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We compiled the contents of and wrote the failed space missions for you. Now let’s look at the first one; Apollo 1. The first fatal accident in US spaceflight history occurred on January 27, 1967. Apollo space program of the first human mission occurred during the preparations.

Space missions that failed 2

A sudden fire broke out in the command module of Apollo 204 during a simulated launch at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. During this event, the astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee passed away.

In the pure oxygen environment inside the module, a free spark started a fire. But it was the door that led to the death of the astronauts. For design defect on the door made it impossible to open it in time for the astronauts to go out. After the win NASA, officially designated this mission as Apollo 1.

Cosmonaut falls victim to parachute: Soyuz 1 – 1967

Apollo 1

Just three months after the fire , Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov also shared a similar baht. On April 24, 1967, it was the first Soviet spacecraft to finally reach the Moon. Soyuz 1

He was the first person to die in spaceflight when crashed into Earth. He was also the first person to go into space twice in one-on-one time.

Space missions that failed 3

Soyuz 1 is still on duty was in the experimental stage and soon after it entered orbit, about nine minutes after launch, the troubles began. From solar panels one failed to open, which cut off the power supply and caused problems with the spacecraft’s control.

The mission was cancelled, but the cosmonaut made a violent entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The Soyuz 1 parachutes did not deploy correctly, and the spacecraft crashed violently in an area in southeast Russia.

Soyuz 11 also participated in failed space missions: History, 1971

In the wake of successful moon landings, the Russians, eager to outdo their colleagues in the US space program, pursued new steps. The world’s first space station in April 1971 Salyut-1

They launched . Subsequently, in June, Three cosmonauts on Soyuz 11 spent three weeks on the space station conducting experiments and observations.

Space missions that failed 4

On their return trip on June 30, the spacecraft entered orbit normally and made a sufficient landing. But when the mission’s ground group opened the hatch, all three cosmonauts is unreactive saw it. The science team was shocked. The reason was discovered later. Soyuz 11’s orbit and landing modulesa defective vent had been opened when it separated and the pressure in the cabin dropped. The cosmonauts, who were not wearing spacesuits, probably suffocated to death 30 minutes before landing.

After the Soyuz 11 disaster, Russian and US science teams started to design space suits.

Challenger disaster occurred in 1986

On the cold morning of January 28, 1986, sad news spread around the world. space shuttle Challenger disintegrated 73 seconds after launch from Cape Canaveral. It then fell into the Atlantic Ocean from an altitude of 15,000 kilometers.

Space missions that failed 5

What caused the disaster was that the spacecraft O-rings (the rubber seal separating the rocket boosters) was a malfunction. This destabilized the boosters and started the fire. The vehicle was moving even faster than sound and it started to break apart rapidly.

nationwide ” Teacher in Space” high school teacher as a module of the Christa McAuliffe was also in the team. But sadly, seven astronauts on the spacecraft died, including him.

Columbia disaster – 2003

of the USA Columbiaspace shuttle February 1, 2003′, one of the most traumatic accidents in the history of space travel. The Columbia disaster was the second accident to occur during NASA’s space shuttle program, after Challenger. At the same time, this failed mission caused widespread concern about space missions.

Space missions that failed 6

The accident occurred during take-off of the vehicle. protect the fuel tank from heat and insulation and inhibits ice formation of foam cut was caused by breaking. The large foam segment fell on the left wing of the vehicle and created a hole. The real event took place after the Columbia mission was completed. On re-entry, gas and smoke entered the left wing through the hole, causing the wing to break. Seven minutes after landing, the rest of the shuttle disintegrated.

All six American and one Israeli crew members died in the accident.

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