The new Megane E-tech Electric has been officially unveiled!

The new Megane E-tech Electric has been officially unveiled! 1

With its design and versatility, the new Megane E-TECH continues the legacy of the Megane legend, which has created a long-term success story with four different generations in 26 years.

The new Megane E-tech Electric has been officially unveiled! 2

One of the leading brands of electric vehicle technology Renault transferred more than 10 years of expertise to New Megane E-TECH with 400 thousand vehicles sold and 10 billion “e-kilometers” covered to date. Inspired by the MORPHOZ concept car of 2019 and then announced with the Megane eVision in 2020, this car goes beyond expectations with its stylish and elegant style. The rules of the game are being rewritten with the CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance. Carrying the brand’s new logo, the model symbolizes Renault’s transformation. The vehicle, which is produced by ElectriCity, Europe’s leading electric vehicle center, has the distinction of being the first of Generation 2.0 electric vehicles. New for pre-order introduced at the Munich Motor Show Megane E-TECH, It will start ordering in February 2022 in Europe and will go on sale in March.

The new Megane E-tech Electric has been officially unveiled! 3

New Megane E-TECH Electric is an icon of the new electric vehicle world. Accordingly, the vehicle is offered as part of a comprehensive ecosystem that includes optimized connectivity solutions with advanced technology software and hardware developed to enable the vehicle to offer new experiences. Luca de MEO, CEO of the Renault Group, said: eni Megane represents the electric revolution that Renault started nearly 10 years ago. The model, which does not compromise on efficiency and driving pleasure, democratizes electric vehicle technology by making it accessible. The new Megane was imagined and emerged as the GTI of electric vehicles.”

The new Megane E-tech Electric has been officially unveiled! 4

Benefiting from a platform designed for electric vehicles, the New Megane E-TECH Electric comes to life with the design language of electric “exciting technology” basically. This design language gives the new model an elegant yet powerful character. Spacious interior and renewed ergonomics come together to offer passengers a better experience. The design language that keeps up with the transformation of the brand gains a more technological structure. The design approach, which preserves all the sensory features behind the success of the car, also includes some technological elements such as micro-optical LED lights and OpenR display. There are laser engraving details on the ventilation grilles and lower door protection grilles belonging to the world of hi-fi design.

The new Megane E-tech Electric has been officially unveiled! 5

New Megane E-TECH Electric

Laser cut full length used on the front and back of LED lighting offers a modern look. The light signature, including the central logo, creates an exciting visual feast. At the front, it stretches between the two daytime running light projectors, continuing up to the side vents. At the back, details positioned in diagonal lines create an intriguing 3D-like glow effect. new Megane E-TECH Electric, detects that the user holding the vehicle’s key card is within 1 meter. Starting in the middle, the vehicle initiates a series of moving, flowing lights, including headlights, daytime running lights and turn signals. new Megane E-TECH Electric

All versions of also have hidden door handles. The hidden door handles automatically pop out of the body when the driver or front passenger approaches to open the door or unlocks it. Two minutes after the car moves or the doors are locked, the door handles are hidden back into place. new model; Rafale Grey, Schist Grey, Midnight Blue, Fire Red, Diamond Black and Ice White will be offered in six different eye-catching and elegant body colors.

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