The seven-seat Dacia Jogger will sell like cheesecake!

The seven-seat Dacia Jogger will sell like cheesecake! 1

The Dacia Jogger, which offers a new approach to the family car with its seven seats, will be sold out! Here are the details.

The seven-seat Dacia Jogger will sell like cheesecake! 2

Dacia Jogger is the fourth pillar of Dacia’s product strategy. Small, all-electric city car Spring, compact Sandero and SUV in class Duster

Following the models, Dacia is now renewing its family car with a 7-seater model. With a name that evokes sports, outdoor spirit and positive energy. Dacia Jogger, helps drive the brand’s new identity forward. Introduction of the new model, Dacia’s forms part of the product line renewal plan. Brand, 2025 will introduce two more new models to the market. A true all-rounder Jogger from Dacia, offers the best price-to-size ratio and functionality of a versatile car. Dacia Jogger stands out as a long-term companion that accompanies the daily lives of families who want to get away from the city.

The seven-seat Dacia Jogger will sell like cheesecake! 3

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot, Dacia’s stated that he reshaped the concept of a 7-seater family vehicle with its new model, adding, “This new and versatile model represents the brand’s lifestyle that is always ready for adventure. Our new model is an example of Dacia’s commitment to making transportation accessible to everyone, including large families. Dacia Jogger will also be Dacia’s first hybrid model” he said.

The seven-seat Dacia Jogger will sell like cheesecake! 4

Dacia Jogger, façade Dacia draws attention with its wide front grille, wide fenders extending to the corners and a horizontal engine hood that is animated with design details. Mudguard wheels and a rear spoiler complete the dynamic look. The prominent shoulder line strengthens the stance on the road. Dacia Jogger, exhibits an adventurous look compatible with all road surfaces with its roof rails and its high structure (200 mm) from the ground.

The seven-seat Dacia Jogger will sell like cheesecake! 5

Headlights and taillights Dacia’s features the new Y-shaped light signature. LED technology is used in the front daytime running lights and dipped beam headlights. Not only does it use less energy, LED technology also provides better visibility and better vision both day and night

Dacia Jogger, is equipped with modular roof rails that transform in just a few steps on some versions. Roof rack rails function as a carrier that can carry up to 80 kg (bikes, skis, roof racks, etc.). The patented system reflecting the Dacia spirit: it stands out with its smart, practical, simple and economical features.

In addition to the fender protection that stands out with its strong appearance Jogger with unique design and perforated shaped rims. There are also diamond-cut alloy wheels. Door handles attract attention with their stylish and ergonomic design. The power tailgate button is hidden under the rear panel trim for a convenient and aesthetically elegant look.

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