Unusual system for glaciers in Switzerland

Unusual system for glaciers in Switzerland 1

Effects of global warming, Switzerland Glaciers in the Alps

It shows itself with . Especially Mount Titlis

A giant ice sheet at has shrunk considerably in recent years due to global warming. 3 thousand 238 meters The danger is increasing day by day on Mount Titlis. By the end of half a century, the glaciers on the mountain are expected to melt completely.

We have brought up the precedent events before. Arcticgiant in the region ice floes rupture, the rapid increase in melting is pushing our planet to a frightening adventure. Well, is there a cure?

Switzerland knits giant wool blankets for glaciers


According to , the authorities at a local ski resort in Switzerland, on the glacier giant wool blankets trying to slow the melting down. This region covers approximately one million square meters, approximately 14 football fields takes up. In this way the purpose is through the white veil Sunlight to protect the glacier by reflecting many back into the atmosphere. Otherwise, melting will increase.

Unusual system for glaciers in Switzerland 2
(Photo: Reuters)

According to the Swiss government, Mount Titlis 90 percent of the glacier by 2100 greenhouse gas emissions will be destroyed if not cut. However, in order to have sufficient effect fleece blankets its size needs to grow steadily over the past few years. Staff meticulously stitched the blankets together for five to six weeks this summer to slow the meltdown. Then they covered the glacier.

The impact of global warming by fires appears. Because, ski enthusiasts It would come as no surprise that they would soon have to travel further to find slopes with true conditions.

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