Why did Apple hire Mercedes and Porsche engineers?

Why did Apple hire Mercedes and Porsche engineers? 1
Why did Apple hire Mercedes and Porsche engineers? 2

Apple Car, your car 2024′, rumors have resurfaced in recent days, after news that it should start production. This Friday, speculation about the project took on a new dimension.

Mysterious Apple car with partition “Project Titan

One of the new members of is an engineer Anton Uselmann happened. Mechatronics, Anton was one of the German automaker’s engineers responsible for developing the steering systems for its high-performance cars.

Why did Apple hire two engineers!

Uselmann, January 2018 to August Mercedes and Porsche

Worked at . Now, it’s Apple’s joining in early September. “Special Projects Group” appears to have assumed the role of product design engineer.

Why did Apple hire Mercedes and Porsche engineers? 3

Other Porsche engineer not named, this is also a former Cupertino company allegedly involved in the electric car production project Porsche was an engineer. As is known in the automobile industry, we see this great automobile technology appealing to the technicians and managers of the major automobile manufacturers in different situations.

Apple, Mercedes brand automobile manufacturer, some cars CarPlay and Apple Music reportedly adding features and working together on other opportunities as well. However, if this project really holds up, there is talk that German car brand Mercedes should not be involved in the production of Apple Car.

According to rumors Apple, 2024 and 2028 for the future electric car expected to be launched between Toyota, Japanese and Asian is known to be actively negotiating with component suppliers.

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