Xiaomi officially founded the car company! Here are the details

Xiaomi officially founded the car company! Here are the details 1

German car giants such as BMW and Volkswagen and US-based Tesla’s electric vehicles are quite common. Smartphone manufacturers also show heavy interest in this market. It has been known for a while that Huawei and Apple are working on their own electric cars. Xiaomi, one of the companies in question, took the first concrete step: Xiaomi Automobile Co.,Ltd. Ltd. officially founded the company.

Lei Jun will head the Xiaomi Automobile company

Xiaomi Automobile Co.,Ltd. Ltd. company required of all industrial and commercial registration processes was announced to be completed. in total 10 billion yuana familiar name will lead the invested firm: founder, leader and current CEO of Xiaomi Group Lei Jun will be at the head of activities in the car branch. It remains unclear when the fledgling company will start production and with whom it will establish partnerships.

Xiaomi officially founded the car company! Here are the details 2
Xiaomi Automobile Co.,Ltd. Ltd. employees

Xiaomi talks to SAIC for electric car

It is obvious that 10 billion yuan is a big investment. But according to the arguments Xiaomi, electric car doesn’t want to start from scratch for its production. It is looking for various subsidiaries to both reduce costs and speed up the production process. Because Xiaomi CEO’water Lei Jun, frequently visits other manufacturers. In July, it was revealed that he was in talks with the Chinese automotive company SAIC in Shanghai.

Lei Jun posted a job posting on the China-based microblogging site Weibo. The company’s in the car unit will work and experts in the field of autonomous vehicles 500 of the quota

He stated that it was determined as . Behind this breakthrough is the goal of producing its own proprietary autonomous driving technology without relying on other companies’ software.

So what do you guys think about this? Do you think Xiaomi will succeed in the car business?

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