Yaris Cross is coming to Turkey

Yaris Cross is coming to Turkey 1

Toyota’s new car Yaris Cross is offered for sale in the Turkish market. Here are the details about the car.

Yaris Cross is coming to Turkey 2

Yarisda, which has been sold as a mini model of the Toyota brand for many years, now has a Croos version. Yaris Cross has a design that is high from the ground and called an SUV.

Yaris Cross, which provides the expansion of the family consisting of Yaris hatchback and GR Yaris, was built on the GA-B platform. In this way, the new vehicle, which carries the strengths of the Yaris hatchback, is preparing to offer a fun drive, dynamic performance, fuel efficiency, low emissions and high maneuverability in the city.

Yaris Cross is coming to Turkey 3

The car, which basically comes in two different color options, yellow/black and white/black, will be the new model of the SUV category, which has gained popularity recently.

Yaris Cross is coming to Turkey 4

1. 5 liter hybrid and petrol options will be available.

Toyota’s new SUV model Yaris Cross will be available with three-cylinder 1.5-liter hybrid and 1.5-liter gasoline engine options. Yaris Cross, which has Toyota’s fourth generation hybrid technology, will offer high efficiency and high performance together. Hybrid version of Yaris Cross with 116 HP power is 4th 4-5th according to WLTP cycle. It produces 0 lt/100 km fuel consumption and 100-114 g/km CO2 emissions. Of course, these average consumption values ​​are 1-1 in real life. It will be necessary to add 5 Liters.

Yaris Cross is coming to Turkey 5

1. The Yaris Cross, which will also be offered with a 5-liter petrol engine, can be paired with a CVT transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. The three-cylinder petrol engine will have a maximum power of 125 HP and a maximum torque of 153 Nm.

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