Your dreams can be shattered: What are the bad parts of working at Tesla?

Your dreams can be shattered: What are the bad parts of working at Tesla? 1

Established in 2003, Tesla has made great progress from its first electric vehicle, Roadster, to Cybertruck. Talking about his work in the field of artificial intelligence at the Tesla AI Day event he organized this month, Elon Musk made a difference again and introduced his humanoid robot called “Tesla Bot”. Even though it doesn’t even have 20 years of history Would you like to work in this company, which quickly surpassed its competitors in the sector?

If you’re an engineer, probably yes, who wouldn’t want to work at Tesla? But things can be a little more complicated than they seem.

You have no guarantee, you can be fired immediately

Tesla is notorious for laying off employees without warning. You may be working hard, or even quite successful. However, all of a sudden, you may see managers saying that your services are no longer needed. As far as is known, no random reason or clue is known in sudden dismissals. They inform you of the decision in the meetings that you often attend as a meeting or conference.

Your dreams can be shattered: What are the bad parts of working at Tesla? 2

Former salesperson in Tesla’s power department, at 1 o’clock that day meeting will be held indicating had received an email. The expulsion was not on the account. However, he was among the 250 people who were reported to have been dismissed at the meeting. Another employee working in the vehicle delivery group saw three managers in front of him as soon as he came to work on Monday morning. He was summoned to the conference room and then parted ways with the company.

You shouldn’t even go near Elon Musk’s desk

There is an unwritten rule in Tesla company; Whatever you do, try not to even stand next to Elon Musk’s desk. This is because Musk has a notorious history of firing his employees for no reason. According to rumors, one of the managers “in a way to protect employees” Asked them not to approach the CEO’s desk.

You don’t need to approach his desk or commit a mistake to be Elon Musk’s next victim in the middle. In the face of his strange guraba questions “involuntary” It is possible that even your stupefaction will leave you unemployed.

Your dreams can be shattered: What are the bad parts of working at Tesla? 3

According to the news of Wired; One day, Elon Musk asked one of the engineers to account for something wrong at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada. However, only “something” implied it wasn’t working. So whether it’s a robot or a machine didn’t elaborate on the question. While the engineer was trying to make sense of the question naturally and asked Elon Musk to give details, he was suddenly fired.

You can bypass your admin

Inter-departmental information exchange in multiple companies proceeds relative to an overt system. The issue at hand first of all stops by the desk of the manager of the relevant section, and he/she conveys it to the manager of another department that is on purpose. “Business” communications between company employees are provided in this way.

However, things are a little different at Tesla. An employee in a department does not have to get permission from the managers to speak directly with a colleague in another department. This rule also applies to senior executives, including vice-leaders and Elon Musk himself. Employees direct they can have a conversation in the middle of each other.

Your dreams can be shattered: What are the bad parts of working at Tesla? 4

This linking strategy was revealed in a memo written by Elon Musk and sent to Tesla employees. The Tesla CEO said in the memo that the classic chain of command was slow and stupid. According to him, the way to be successful in the rapid and easy realization of information flow was down.

You may faint due to too much tension

Tesla’s long working hours, weekend shifts, mandatory overtime and deadlines put employees in tension. According to the information obtained, hundreds of employees are on the job. had a seizure, chest pain and shortness of breath lived. Some even fainted and fell on their faces.

Your dreams can be shattered: What are the bad parts of working at Tesla? 5

Moreover, while experiencing all these, you may have to struggle with ruthless rulers. In 2017, ambulances flocked to Tesla factories to transport injured workers to the hospital. Company executives did not stop the employee assembly lines and continued as if nothing had happened. Employees who wanted to take care of their injured friend were warned to continue their work.

Tesla can sue you

Like many of the big tech companies, Tesla employees have a habit of leaking proprietary information to the press. If you ever happen to be working at Tesla and you have that kind of intention, think twice. Because the company is firing and suing its employees who leaked information to the press.

In May 2019, the Tesla security group sent an email to some of its employees. Information on the production process sharing with journalists and custom company information, phone numbers reported that they were dismissed and sued for various offenses, including posting on social media. In addition, the security group emphasized that every employee should defend information about Tesla.

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