AMT Star Trek Deep Space Nine 1:3300 Scale Model Kit

The most innovative modeling company in the industry. We engineer and produce a variety of kits from classic cars to giant space ships. Our die cast models are next level – when it comes to detail we are the best in the collectible business Racing is in our company DNA, our slot car brands and themes keep creativity racing around this retro hobby

AMT Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Full set: This model kit includes everything needed to build the entire bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise from STAR TREK: The Original Series. Features aplenty: This set includes authentic details like figures representing the entire command crew of the Enterprise. Extra details like Sulu’s scope and Spock’s viewer are included. Tons of decals: Decals are included for every view screen and navigation station seen in the Enterprise’s bridge.

Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/72 X-Wing Star Fighter Building Kit, Multi, 8″ (BAN191406)

A high detail precision model kit utilizing Bandai's trademark color injection molding techniques, 1/72 X-Wing features opening and closing S-foils and a cockpit with 2 different canopy options Death Star panel themed display stand can connect with stands from other vehicles to recreate the iconic Death Star Trench Run. The exhaust of the trench and 2 proton torpedo effect parts are included with this x-wing to recreate the Rebel victory in "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/72 Y-Wing Starfighter Building Kit

The detailing for this vehicle has been thoroughly adapted in scale and brings incredible realism The inner cockpit and Ion propulsion engine have been fine tuned and the added death Star motif display base increases quality of display. Water-transfer decal x1, and marking sticker x1. Runner x9. Instruction manual x1

Bandai Hobby Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter “Star Wars” 1/72, White (BAN230456)

Figure perfectly sculpted and replicated Able to produce scenes from the anime/movie Product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo

Bandai Star Wars Perfect Grade 1/72 Scale Millennium Falcon

At 19" long this model stands out as the ultimate Millennium Falcon model kit. Set includes dedicated display base and seated figures of Han, Luke Chewbacca, Obi-wan, C-3P0, Princess Leia. Runner x 37, stickers, instruction manual.

Bandai Star Wars TIE – Advanced X1

Darth Vader's special tie fighter, known as the x1, from the Star Wars universe, features a showcase of Bandai's multi material and color injection technologies The different components that make up its wings are molded together, yet are still color separated Includes 2 different canopy types, a window version made of clear plastic, and also a frame version that can allow the seated Darth Vader to be seen more clearly

Minicraft NASA Shuttle Building Kit, 1/144 Scale

Contains markings for Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavor and Enterprise Opening Cargo Bay doors Cockpit and cargo bay interior

MPC Space:1999 Eagle II w/Lab Pod 1/48 Scale Movie Replica Model Kit

Designed with the discerning hobbyist in mind who demand quality design and features Quality assured designs and features Made with the user in mind, high quality materials, and world class craftsmanship

MPC Space:1999 Eagle Transporter 1:72 Scale (14″ Long) Space Ship Replica Model Kit

Brand NEW Model Kit! This was just recently tooled and released! Authentic detail and proportions - Based on measurements taken directly from the filming minature! Over 14" long - Perfect " Bookshelf" Size