The Army Painter Wet Palette Combo | With 100 Refill Palette Paper and 4 Sponges Paint Brush Storage compatible with Acrylic Paint Washes Contrast Paints for Wargames

🎨 STAY WET PALETTE - Whether you use paints straight out of the bottle or you mix a lot, this handy wet pallette will keep your paints fresh for days. It is your stay wet palette paper that makes the difference when wet blending or thinning your paint. 🎨 STYLISH AND HANDY WET PALLETE – The Army Painter wet palette is probably the coolest wet palette out there. Produced in sleek black and burgundy plastic with an exquisite elastic travel band, the wet palette is 20x14x3,5cm and easy to bring along, the supplied elastic travel band ensuring that everything is neat and tidy 🎨 BRUSH STORAGE – Designed to keep 6 The Army Painter Wargamer Brushes, 10 Hobby Brushes and more, this wet palette is perfect for storing your most used brushes with your paints - ready for use.