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ABTEILUNG 502 AK-Interactive Desert & Sand PIGMENTS Set

Contains the following 4 x 20 ml bottles. ABTP030 Beach Sand, ABTP037 Gulf War Sand. ABTP054 Alcaline Dust, ABTP417 Desert Sand.

ABTEILUNG 502 AK-Interactive Effects in Sci-fi Pigments Set

Contains 4 x 20ML bottles of pigment. ABTPF600 Rocket Exhaust, ABTPF605 Graveyard Drift. ABTPF606 Plasma Burnt, ABTPF616 Marine Blue.

ABTEILUNG 502 AK-Interactive Fantasy & Metallics PIGMENTS Set

Includes a total of 4 x 20 ml bottles: ABTPF607 Metallic Silver, ABTPF611 Stainless Alloy. ABTPF612 Brass, ABTPF613 Cooper.

ABTEILUNG 502 AK-Interactive Railroad PIGMENTS Set

Contains the following 4 x 20 ml bottles. ABTP023 Black Smoke, ABTP039 Urban Industry Dirt. ABTP235 Cargo Dust, ABTP238 Brown Rust.

AK Interactive – Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey – AK00069 by AK Interactive

AK Interactive – Streaking Dirt for Panzer Gray – AK00069 through AK Interactive

AK Interactive AKI098 Naval Modelling Full Speed Ahead 1 – Knox & Baleares Class

Modelling Full Ahead is a new series of books for naval modelers. The aim is to be aware of a

AK Interactive British Uniform/WWI British Uniform Base – Model Building Paints and Accessories # AK3081

Prime quality paint for brushes. 17mL bottle. The Figure Series paints are designed for brush, and is water- soluble, avoiding

AK Interactive Brush & Airbrush Acrylic Colors 17ml jar (AK704 – RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau)

17mL acrylic paint. Use by myself or mix with different acrylic paints to procure a unique color. Just shake it

AK Interactive Real Colors: Arab Armor Desert Colors Acrylic Lacquer Paint Set (4) 10ml Bottles

The new Real Colors paint range is a very, very special step forward for AK Interactive and serious scale model