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1945 Late German Wargames Paint Set

This specially designed set for Wargames that that permits you to easily paint past due WW II German vehicles. This

60S-70S USAF TAC Colors Acrylic Paint Set

Top quality paints for aircrafts. This set includes the similar Federal Standard colors for USAF Aircraft within the Vietnam era.

AMIG Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques Vol;3 Painting English #6052

Volume #3 of the definitive encyclopedia of model aircraft. This third volume covers in depth through its 200 pages and more than 900 pictures the following subjects: Preparation and priming of all kind of surfaces before paint. Pre-shading for highlight panels and surfaces. All kind of camouflages, including base coats, monotone camouflages, chipped camouflages and the most complex multi-tone camouflages schemes. Airbrush highlights and fading. How to paint wood parts of all kind. Insignias, numerals and stencils. Shadings with inks

Ammo 17ml Black & White Technique Acrylic Water Based Paint Set x 6 # 7128

Acrylic water based paint set for creating the original and famous “black & white” technique created by Jose Lopez. This

Ammo 35ml Desert Airplane Set #7424

Set for washes and defining panel traces of all airplane and jets in a Wasteland theatre, in addition to inexperienced

AMMO by mig Jimenez 1939-43 Early and DAK German Wargames Paint Set

This specially designed set for Wargames that lets you easily paint early German WWII and Afrika Korps vehicles. This set


Modeling Color Flat medium/varnish for all kinds of acrylic paints. Guarantees 100% flat finishes. This varnish can be used in two different ways: - used straight from the jar as a regular varnish after painting to achieve a dead flat finish. - it can also be used as a flat medium by adding it to acrylic paints. These acrylic varnishes will allow you to get the best results with both brush and airbrush in a very simple manner. It must be used in thin layers, and can be applied directly from the jar without thinning for a perfect finish. When used through the airbrush, we recommend spraying 6 inches (15 cm) away from the surface.


Brownish red color formulated to use shadows and volumes to figures painted in dark tones, in addition to any main

Ammo MIG Jimenez Airplanes DUST Effects A.MIG0244

A particular British color used on many RAF aircraft all the way through the early stages of WWII. This paint

Ammo MIG Jimenez Airplanes DUST Effects A.MIG0246

Color utilized by the RAF to camouflage aircraft upper surfaces together with Ocean Grey and Dark Green. This paint is