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BLUE ANGEL BLUE (FS 15050) 3oz. Spray Can by Testors Corp

This can be a 3oz (85g) Can of Blue Angel Blue Spray Paint from Testors.FEATURES – Made of enamel and

Cadium Yellow Light Testors Acrylic Plastic Model Paint

Type Grasp has created essentially the most good, prime – gloss acrylics ever. For the primary time, Type automotive fanatics

Clear Glosscote Spray Testors

3 oz Single can of spray paint Spray paint must ship ground and will take an extra 2-4 days delivery Spray paint can NOT be shipped internationally

Clear Green Testors Acrylic Plastic Model Paint

Acrylic paint for plastic models Cleans up with water but it permanent when dry

Clear Red Testors Acrylic Plastic Model Paint

Model Master Clear Red Acryl by Testors 0.5 oz (14.7ml) glass jar

Dark Gull Gray Enamel Paint .5 oz bottle FS36231 by Testor Corp.

TES 1740 Dark Gull Gray Testors Model Master Enamel Paint .5 oz bottle Model Master FS Enamels System professional hobby