Testors’ enamel paint markers are great for any side interest, art, or craftsmanship project.

Bearings for use: Simply shake the marker, pop the cap, and press down a couple of times to make preparations. It’s just simple. Once completed make certain to snap the cap back on and you’ll be all set for your next project.

If you have any desire to supplant your finish marker Chisel Tip Nib, we take care of you. Browse Chisel, Bullet, and Fine Tip Nibs. Tenderly haul your present tip out of your finish paint marker and addition your substitution tip until immovably set up. Recap your marker, shake and it is prepared for use.

Dry time relies upon the thickness and ecological circumstances. Ordinary dry time is 1 hour dry to the touch, full fix is 48-72 hours for Enamel paints.



Use Testors Make-Your-Own Marker to rapidly and effectively turn 100’s your #1 Testors or Model Master packaged paint tones into a paint marker or make custom tones by blending paints. The set incorporates everything required with the exception of the paint and being more slender.


  • 2-in-1 Marker barrel (marker end and brush end) with space on the name to compose the paint shading name
  • 2 Dual-finished nib tips and marker cap
  • Screw-on brush cap
  • Stamped needle for simple and exact exchange of paint
  • Straightforward guidelines are given on the rear of the bundle