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Fly Hawk T-34/85 1/72 Scale

Fly Hawk T-34/85

Double Dose of T-34/85: Fly Hawk Delivers Two New 1/72 Scale Kits

Calling all T-34 enthusiasts! FlyHawk, renowned for their meticulously detailed armor models, has just unleashed a double dose of excitement with the release of two new 1/72 scale T-34/85 kits. Buckle up as we delve into the features and options that make these kits stand out.

Plant 183 – Autumn 1944

Plant 183 - Autumn 1944 Fly Hawk T34/85 1/72 Scale Box Art

Plant 183 - Autumn 1944 Fly Hawk T34/85 1/72 Scale CAD

Chinese language Folk’s Volunteer Military

Chinese People's Volunteer Army Fly Hawk T34/85 1/72 Scale Box Art

Chinese People's Volunteer Army Fly Hawk T34/85 1/72 Scale CAD

Plant 183 – Autumn 1944:

This first kit takes us to the Eastern Front in the fall of 1944, where the T-34/85, a potent upgrade to the iconic T-34, was rolling off the production lines of Plant 183. FlyHawk’s rendition promises to capture this specific variant in all its glory, with:

  • Accurate details: Expect crisp molding, faithfully representing the T-34/85’s distinctive welded seams, hatches, and even the texture of cast armor.
  • Optional late-war features: This kit might include options for the rounded командирская башенка (commander’s cupola) and the late-war exhaust configuration, allowing you to tailor your model to the specific timeframe.
  • Weathering potential: FlyHawk’s kits are renowned for their superb base for weathering. Imagine capturing the grime and battle scars of a T-34/85 that’s seen its share of action.

Chinese People’s Volunteer Army:

The second kit transports us to the Korean War, where the T-34/85 served as the backbone of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (CPVA) tank forces. This unique variant offers a distinct modeling experience with:

  • CPVA markings and insignia: FlyHawk’s decals will undoubtedly include the iconic red star and Chinese characters, allowing you to recreate these historically significant tanks.
  • Possible unique features: Did the CPVA T-34/85s have any special modifications? We’ll have to wait and see if FlyHawk has incorporated these details, adding to the kit’s appeal.
  • A chance to stand out: While countless modelers depict Soviet T-34/85s, building a CPVA version lets you showcase a lesser-known but crucial aspect of this tank’s history.

FlyHawk’s Hallmark of Quality:

Both kits undoubtedly share the qualities that have made FlyHawk a favorite among armor modelers:

  • High-quality resin and plastic parts: Crisp details, minimal cleanup, and excellent fit are what FlyHawk is known for.
  • Accuracy research: Rest assured, these kits will reflect the latest historical and technical knowledge about the T-34/85 variants they represent.
  • Options for experienced modelers: Photo-etched parts and other details will likely be present, catering to those who want to take their T-34/85 to the next level.

Double the T-34/85 Fun:

Whether you’re a seasoned T-34 aficionado or simply drawn to the unique appeal of these two specific variants, FlyHawk’s new 1/72 scale kits offer a wealth of possibilities. Plant 183’s autumnal battles or the CPVA’s Korean War stand, both await to be brought to life on your workbench.

Stay tuned for more details and release dates, and prepare to add a double dose of T-34/85 excitement to your collection!

Website: http://www.flyhawkmodel.com/html/Flyhawkmodel/

So, which T-34/85 will you be adding to your armor fleet? Let the tracks roll on this exciting new release!



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