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Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48 Reviews

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48 REVIEWS

Finally; “Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48” released a “Navy Sword” scale. Very detailed construction options, with gun options, cockpit, wing folds, wheel wells, and landing gear, all fully detailed.

Kitty Hawk contains more sub-stores than the right one; In addition, instructions for dropping tanks show incorrect assembly lifts for the FJ-2. The metal (PE) curtain, carved in a small photo, contains seat belts and small details. All five marking options are for natural metal jets typical for the FJ-2.

Also included are two beautiful cast resin figures, a pilot rising, and a ground crew member. The construction of the interior requires British green color hemp, which I think is wrong. However, videos and photos have confirmed that Kitty Hawk is correct online. I used the Tamiya cockpit green (XF-71) as a close match.

The cockpit floor in my kit was very crooked, but I was able to put the soft plastic back into shape.

Make sure that the walls of the weapon compartment are seated; I had to fit the tab and slot arrangement, which allowed some play in harmony. In contrast, the trunk would not close without surgery.

Since there was no way to mount the cockpit and insert all four barrels at the same time, I mounted the gun barrels in one half of the body.

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48 Cockpit

The kit provides decals for the cockpit but should be trimmed to fit the molded details of the instrument panel and consoles.

A full suction body fits in the body and has space above it to accommodate the weight to keep the nose down.

Each body half is split at the service break, it is a confusing choice as the kit incorrectly provides the J-65 engine that powers the FJ-3. The error is combined with mounting the engine in the tail section, not in the front. However, both the intake and exhaust segments are needed; I cut off the back of the engine to avoid any stumbling problems.

The design of parts such as speed brakes, tail hook, landing gear doors, and gun and ammo compartment doors should be open. However, the photos show that most of them are covered or stacked on the ground. The exception is sub-ammunition gates, which are typically used as steps in the cockpit.

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury

Kit: No. KH80155 Scale: 1/48
Mfr.: Kitty Hawk (Sample courtesy of the mfr.)
Price: $55.80
Comments: Injection-molded, 207 parts (6 PE, 2 resin), decals
Pros: Options to fold wings; dropped slats
Cons: Engine not quite right, but it can’t be displayed correctly anyway

I am pleased to announce that the doors and the hook may be closed while work is in progress.

Enlarge the small holes to assemble the nose and main landing gear before installing the gear housings.

The good news is that the nails, including Kitty Hawk wings, prominent paths, and rear wings, and are perfectly folded or spread. (I picked the first one, so it didn’t look like any other Saber!)

Fill the holes in the wings designed for Side Lifts. Annoyingly, any mounting feature for drop tank poles is not included.

While mounting the wings on the body, I saw that the nail that passes to the bottom of the engine interferes with the connection. I removed it. Install the ammo compartment (Section A1) before installing the flap, otherwise, the connection will be too tight.

I used Alclad II for natural metal coating. An Alclad gray liner and a mixture of Alclad aluminum are sprayed on the middle section of each wing panel to achieve a “silver-gray” color.

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48 Decals

The decals are a mixed bag. They went nicely, but there are a number of annoying errors in font, size, and length, along with errors in size and number of stars compared to photos. Blue in national insignia also looks very bright to me. However, when corrected as much as possible and in the model, the signs look good on everyone except a Fury fan.

Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 1/48 Model Kit
I spent about 33 hours in my anger, a little more than I expected. Purists will want to replace the stickers, but finally a nice interpretation of the FJ-2…


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