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Tamiya LEON CVSTOS AMG – Mercedes-AMG GT3



In some of the most hotly contested racing series in the world, FIA GT3 racing cars drive with manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, Acura, Lexus, and BMW. Fortunately, together with the race, we get many of the participants as kits.

Tamiya first launched its Mercedes-AMG GT3 in 2017 in a rather boring livery. This new edition features the eye-catching satin black scheme of the vehicle sponsored by LEON CVSTOS, which won the Japanese championship in 2018, and spectacular cartographer decals.

As the markings change, the wheels and body are updated as well. Most of the parts are cast in black, and the quality of Tamiya is excellent: practically no burr or sink marks and shape lines are visible. The kit also includes die-cut window masks, metal transfers for mirrors and badges, and dry transfers for accurate labeling of the tires.



This is a set of curbs – no engine – but the chassis offers a little more detail than usual. Front and rear suspensions are made up entirely of upper and lower wishbones, coil-overs, and details of the brake and brake caliper. The rear diffuser strips are accordingly thin.

Based on standard vehicle chassis, GT3 drivers have almost the same internal structure as the trams according to regulations. Tamiya records these details in the floor pan and adds some electronics and other racing equipment to the main pan.

The roll cage consists of four parts, the positioners of which look more like a T than the typical pin-and-hole variant. The T-connections are easy to align and result in a stronger assembly.

With all the blades and channels in racing cars these days, it is necessary to split the body into several parts – in this case, 10 – in order to shape it precisely. But don’t let that scare you: the fit is perfect. Most body parts can be added before painting. However, the two side main ducts (parts A20 and A21) should be left free until after painting. Fine nylon mesh fills some of the grids and a stencil helps you cut them properly. The instructions provide that you make the lower grid from two mesh parts. However, if you put it on the diagonal, you get everything in one.

The paintwork may look daunting, but it’s really not bad if you study the design and plan accordingly. My biggest concern was the bonnet, where several decals have to be perfectly coordinated. I started with the main marker (No. 9) and then worked my way out. The way the decals are designed makes them easy to fit and align.

I was excited about this new version of the Tamiya LEON CVSTOS AMG and hope Tamiya has plans for more. Several aftermarket decal sets are already available. The kit itself was an absolute dream that lived up to Tamiya’s reputation for quality and precision engineering.


Kit No.: 24350
Scale: 1/24
Mfr.: Tamiya America,
Price: $72
Comments: 132 injection-molded
plastic parts (black, gray, clear,
and chrome plated); four rubber
Pros: Incredible decals; flawless
fit; clean molding
Cons: None

Tamiya 24350 1/24 Leon Cvstos Mercedes AMG GT3 Plastic Model Kit

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