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Wooden model ship kits for beginners

Wooden model ship kits for beginners

Do you want to start modeling Wooden Ship? How long have you wanted to start, but don’t know where to start? Or are you just curious?

We will try to answer these questions with our “Wooden model ship kits for beginners” guide.

Welcome to the rebuilder of wooden model ship kits for beginners

I enjoy dealing with this hobby that I grew up with and I try to help everyone who wants to step into modeling as much as I can. I will be very happy if I can remove some of the question marks in my mind with some of the things I will tell here, and make some guidance. Let me remind you once again that the main factor is “patience” to start modeling, and try to examine the topic and give direction.



Wooden model ship kits


Models? Model Kit?

Although many people express it as a model, our work is a model, not a model. Let us consolidate the model expression by emphasizing the differences between these two concepts. The model is the previously designed version of the works that have not yet emerged, lived, done, or planned. Model Kit, on the other hand, is a version of an actual, alive/living work that has been scaled down in accordance with the original. Since we work on ships that have existed or still exist in time, our works are “model kits” and the general name of our “modeler” deal is “modeling“.

What is required?

Patience, time, and space are inseparable triples, and this hobby is the first thing to be. If we have time and workspace where we can use this time, we can patiently to carry out this work. Everyone is curious about the results of his work and wants it to finish as soon as possible. However, progressing patiently step by step will affect both our achievement and the quality of the model that will emerge. Due to our efforts, it is beneficial to adjust our working area by considering these issues since we have a lot of operations such as sanding, filling, and painting. It will be appropriate to spend a little more time until the model comes out roughly. Since these initial stages involve mostly rough work, ample time to get off when we sit down at the bench works well.

I can also guarantee what you will do and create more time as things start to emerge. Apart from these three main elements, I will ask you to take a look at the “Required Tools” page on the site menu for the necessary tools and equipment. In addition, I recommend you buy a book. His book “Ship Modeling Simplified” by Frank Mastini is very useful for entry to ship modeling.




What should the first step be?

We can do wooden ship modeling in two ways. The first is to work from the plan, and the other is to work with the kit. Working from the plan means; it means that you only have the plan of the model you plan to make. Providing all the necessary materials by you means producing almost every piece yourself and preparing the necessary accessories to a large extent.

Most importantly, you will need to be able to read the plan to achieve all this. Working with the kit means that many of the deficiencies I have listed have been corrected. Kits are a package that contains all the materials necessary for the model you are interested in, some parts are ready to cut, and all the necessary accessories are ready and presented to you in a box.

In addition to the plan, this package also includes a step-by-step construction guide, often supplemented with photographs. Another feature of the kits is that they have flawless drawings since they have been tested many times. During working from the plan, the modeler has to find his own solutions. Although very detailed model plans have started to be drawn today, their numbers appeal to very few advanced modelers.

I would like to draw attention to the following detail in these explanations. When we say ready-made kit, plug-and-play work comes to life in the minds of people. But this is not the case. The model will reveal your labor again. The kits will save you from the search for materials and guides and will help you navigate smoothly. As can be understood from the section up to now, my advice to the new people is to start with the kit. It is not impossible to work from the plan, but the kits are much more useful for the beginning to get to know the materials and see the techniques.




Wood models for beginners but which one?

Although there are many kit sales in our country, we mostly see advanced kits. Although there are domestic production kits in the market, the weight is for the medium-advanced level. The most important issues in the beginner kits are to show the techniques to the candidate of the modeler as much as possible and to enable smooth travel without difficulty. It is important that the boat forms are suitable for the initial level winding, they are decked and painted models (they are not visible and allow faults to be eliminated as putty, etc. as they will not be left with their wooden form) and they do not contain too many fine details.

In this context, 18TH Century Longboat Starter KIT is an ideal kit for the start. You can make a good start to modeling with this construction kit with a very detailed construction guide and a lot of reference photos in the starter toolset.

We hope that your interest never decreases and you start working as soon as possible.

Plenty of model days.


Wooden ship model kits for sale

  1. Model SHIPWAYS 18TH Century Longboat Starter KIT with Tools – 1:48 Scale Wood Plank-on-Frame $69.99
  2. Lowell Grand Banks Dory Wooden Model Ship Kit 1:24 Scale $29.99
  3. Scale 1/96 Laser-Cut Wooden Sailboat Model kit: The Harvey 1847 Ship Model  $26.99
  4. HMS Victory 3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Ship Craft Laser-Cut Model Kits  $64.95
  5. Model Shipways MS1460 18th Century Armed Longboat 1:24 Scale – Laser Cut Wood, Metal & Photo-Etched Brass Kit  $119.99

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  1. Peter Walker says:

    Thank you for this post. I have wanted to get into this since childhood and now at 55 want to make it happen. I ordered the recommended kit and hope it will be everything I hope and more. Being disappointed starting out is a hard lesson to swallow and makes or breaks many hobbies for me.

    1. admin says:

      We are very happy to share your dreams. We know that there is no age to start this hobby. We would be very glad if you share the experience and the stages of starting a hobby with us. You can follow and share our social media accounts.

  2. That’s really nice post. I appreciate your skills, Thanks for sharing.

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      We thank you. We are trying to improve our hobby with updated information. We would be very happy if we could help.

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