Top 5 reasons for Scale Model hobby with your kids

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Top 5 reasons for Scale Model hobby with your kids.
Sometimes hobbies for children can be difficult to find, especially for parents who can attend. Scale modeling is a long-term, complex and rewarding hobby that can be handled with the right guidance of all ages. With a wide variety of scale model cars, ships, planes, trains, motorcycles, and pop culture replicas, it’s the perfect time for the younger generation to produce scale models. If you’re looking for the best hobby for your kids, there are five reasons for scale modeling to be on your list!

By feeding them through the creation process, you can make them express their imagination and flare.

Promotes Creativity

Children can be incredibly creative, but sometimes they need something specific to focus on to let their creativity really fly. Scale models offer many opportunities to showcase their personality, how they gather together, how they paint, or what additional details they add to the finished model to make it unique. By feeding them through the creation process, you can make them express their imagination and flare.

Improves Fine Motor and Problem Solving Skills

millennium falcon model kit
Millennium Falcon Model Kit

Whether you’re building a WW2 fighter jet, a 17th-century ship, RC car, or Millennium Falcon, there are countless mounting techniques your kids can learn when building a scale model. Each new technique helps to improve hand-eye coordination and hand skills, which are vital for other early learning areas such as handwriting.

In addition, there are ongoing opportunities for you and their problem solving, with lots of different parts and stages in a particular building project. What piece is going here? How much adhesive do I need? What dyes should I use to match the original colors? By introducing basic problem-solving at a young age, you have set them as excellent critical thinkers in the future.

A Fun Educational Experience

The best thing about scale models such as those offered by ModelSpace is that they are copies of real objects or tools with rich backgrounds or stories. If you create a scale model hobby with your child, you can teach them what makes their car or ship so special and introduce them to fascinating stories and facts they may never have learned. And no matter how much they learn about the model and where they came from, they may be more passionate about making their own versions as authentic and detailed as possible.

Significant Connection Time

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep your kids’ attention for more than 60 seconds. Social media and games are hugely popular and not exactly family-friendly activities. A recent study of thousands of American parents revealed that millions of children spend up to 32 hours a week, which has a major impact on family life, schooling, and overall development.

A recent study of thousands of US parents revealed that millions of children spend up to 32 hours a week using technology

That is why it is so important to introduce a hobby model like a hobby – children need time away from the screens to improve their concentration and long-term communication skills. In addition to better preparing them for the real world, scale modeling gives you the chance to show your experience and skills to your teens and allows you to team up on something you can both be proud of. When you work with each completed project, you have a physical example of what you and your children can accomplish and love memories that will last a lifetime.

Teaches the Benefit of Commitment and Hard Work

scale model hobby with your child
Scale model hobby with your child

Attention times seem to be shrinking, especially for new generations, people are less willing to be less patient and stick to something long-term. By creating scaled models with your kids in their formative years, you can teach them how to approach projects in bite-sized pieces and show them the rewards of patience, perseverance, and persistent commitment to achieve their goals.

Scale Model hobby with your kids

While not everyone has tea, scaled modeling is one of the best hobbies for kids, with mass appeal and accessibility for adults and kids. By building models from a young age with them, you can not only help them learn the skills and qualities that will help them later in life, but you can also spend meaningful time with them, creating moments that will remain forever.

Are you planning to make a scale model hobby with your kids, or have you produced some models before? Let us know in the comments and share your photos on our Facebook page!


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