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HobbyBoss has updated 3 new models for November 2022

Hobbyboss has updated 3 new models for November 2022

HobbyBoss New Releases Preview 3 New Models in Nowember

HobbyBoss has updated 3 new models for November. For now, we could only access the cover images and drawings. We will update our article with new information to come in the coming days. Check out all the details in our preview below.

We are updating our article with new details of “HURRICANE” Mk. I, BM-21 Grad Late Version, and RS-12M1 Topol-M ICBM.

1:48    “HURRICANE Mk.I ITEM No.: 81777

  • Scale: 1:48th
  • Model Dimension:
  • Total Plastic Parts:
  • Total Sprues:
  • Price: 

The Hurricane Mk.I was a British single-seat fighter aircraft that was designed and manufactured by Hawker Aircraft Ltd for the Royal Air Force (RAF). The aircraft was powered by a single Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and had a maximum speed of over 320 mph (515 km/h). The Hurricane first flew in November 1935 and entered service with the RAF in December 1937.

The fighter was designed as a monoplane successor to the RAF’s earlier biplane fighters such as the Gloster Gauntlet. The Hurricane was rapidly procured prior to and during World War II and formed the backbone of the RAF fighter force which fought against the Luftwaffe.

The Hurricane started the air war over the English Channel and southern England in July 1940. It was soon found that it could face Messerschmitt Bf 109s, which were previously considered to be superior to all other fighters in service, on roughly equal terms.

By the end of 1940, Hurricanes were in widespread use by the RAF and played a vital role in defending Great Britain from the Luftwaffe. The Hurricane was also in widespread use throughout the North African, Mediterranean, and Italian theatres, as well as occasionally seeing action in Northern Europe. It was gradually replaced as a front-line fighter from 1941 onwards by the superior but more complex Supermarine Spitfire.


1:72    Russian BM-21 Grad Late Version    ITEM No.: 82932

  • Scale:    1:372Item
  • Type:
  • Model Dimension:
  • Total Plastic Parts:
  • Total Sprues:
  • Metal Parts:
  • Etched Parts:
  • From: HobbyBoss
The BM-21 Grad is a Soviet truck-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher. The weapons system and the M-21OF rocket it fires were developed in the early 1960s. BM stands for “Boyevaya Mashina”, and the nickname grad means hail. The launcher is capable of firing 40 unguided rockets in rapid succession. The rockets are equipped with an impact fuze that activates on contact with any surface. The weapon is reloadable, but the rockets are not – they are disposed of after use. The launcher and rockets were first used in combat during the 1967 Six-Day War.
The M-21OF rocket was developed for the BM-21 Grad. It has a maximum range of 15 km. The M-21OF rocket, or any other 122 mm rocket for that matter, is not accurate enough to be used as an artillery weapon. The BM-21 Grad is so best described as a multiple rocket launcher (MRL).
The launcher is mounted on a wheeled chassis and has a crew of two. The M-21OF rocket weighs 29 kg, while the launcher itself weighs 1,100 kg.


1:72   15U175 TEL of RS-12M1 Topol-M ICBM complex   ITEM No.: 82952

  • Scale:    1:72
  • Item Type:
  • Model Dimension:
  • Total Plastic Parts:
  • Total Sprues:
  • Price: 
The RS-12M1 Topol-M ICBM complex is a mobile, land-based intercontinental ballistic missile system designed and deployed by the Russian Federation. It is one of the most modern and sophisticated ICBMs in the world and the first to be designed with a post-Cold War nuclear deterrent in mind. The Topol-M is a three-stage solid propellant missile with a maximum range of 10,500 kilometers. It is equipped with an accurate guidance system and can carry up to six targetable warheads.
The Topol-M can be launched from silos or from the road-mobile Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) vehicle. A Topol-M missile is housed in a cylindrical container that is 12 meters long and 3 meters in diameter. The missile has a launch weight of 24 tons and can be moved by rail or road.
The Topol-M was first tested in 1999 and entered service with the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) in 2001.


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