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MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop

49011 Garage Workshop

MiniArt’s Garage Workshop Kit: A Miniature World of Mechanical Ingenuity

MiniArt is poised to release an enticing new addition to their 1/48 scale lineup – the Garage Workshop (#49011). This meticulously crafted kit promises to transport you into the heart of a bustling garage, where the passion for tinkering and repair takes center stage.

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Box Art

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Decals and Photo Etched Set

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Posters

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Sprue-1

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Sprue-2

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Sprue-3

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Sprue-4

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Sprue-5

MiniArt 49011 Garage Workshop Color Chart
MiniArt 1/35 Garage Workshop

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A Workshop Teeming with Details

Step inside the world of a well-equipped garage workshop with MiniArt’s comprehensive kit. Expect to find a wealth of intricate details, including:

  • Authentic Tools and Equipment: Immerse yourself in the world of a well-equipped garage with a comprehensive collection of tools and equipment, from wrenches and screwdrivers to workbenches and tool racks.

  • Realistic Interior Features: Capture the ambiance of a lived-in workspace with an array of realistic details, including shelves, drawers, and even a radio.

  • Variety of Accessories: Enhance the storytelling potential of your diorama with an assortment of included accessories like boxes, spare parts, and even a pile of tires.

A Versatile Addition to Your Dioramas

The Garage Workshop kit isn’t just limited to military dioramas; it’s a versatile addition that can seamlessly integrate into various themes:

  • Military Dioramas: Imagine a mechanic diligently working on a vintage military vehicle parked inside the garage, adding a touch of everyday life to a wartime scene.

  • Civilian Dioramas: Create a bustling automotive scene with the garage as the centerpiece, showcasing classic cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles undergoing repair or maintenance.

  • Standalone Dioramas: The Garage Workshop can stand alone as a captivating subject, telling the story of a passionate mechanic or hobbyist dedicated to their craft.

Unleashing Your Creative Potential

MiniArt’s Garage Workshop kit provides a blank canvas for your creativity to flourish:

  • Weathering Opportunities: Add layers of grime and wear to the workshop, reflecting the passage of time and the tireless work that takes place within its walls.

  • Figure Placement: Populate the workshop with miniature figures, bringing the scene to life with mechanics, hobbyists, or even customers seeking assistance.

  • Storytelling Elements: Utilize the workshop as a backdrop for your own unique stories, showcasing the ingenuity and resourcefulness of those who work within its confines.

A Tribute to Everyday Spaces

The Garage Workshop kit serves as a humble tribute to the everyday tools and spaces that play a vital role in our lives. It’s a reminder of the importance of tinkering, repairing, and creating, whether it’s for personal satisfaction or to keep the world around us running smoothly.


MiniArt’s Garage Workshop kit is an exciting addition to the world of diorama modeling, offering a wealth of details, versatility, and storytelling potential. Whether you’re a seasoned diorama enthusiast or simply drawn to the charm of everyday scenes, this kit is sure to inspire your creativity and bring a touch of realism to your modeling endeavors. Stay tuned for the release date and prepare to add this captivating piece to your collection!

Additional Features:

  • 1/48 scale Decal set: Enhance your model with a variety of decals, adding details and markings to bring your Garage Workshop to life.

  • PE Set for box: Elevate the appearance of your model box with a set of photo-etched parts, adding intricate details and enhancing the overall presentation.

  • Posters: Complete your modeling experience with a set of posters featuring historical images and garage-related artwork.

MiniArt’s Garage Workshop kit is a comprehensive and engaging addition to your modeling repertoire, offering a wealth of details, versatility, and storytelling potential. Whether you’re a seasoned modeler or a newcomer to the hobby, this kit is sure to inspire your creativity and bring a touch of authenticity to your dioramas.


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