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The New Airfix 1:24 Scale Spitfire Mk.IXc Kit


The new Airfix 1:24 scale Spitfire Mk.IXc kit will go on sale today in Hannants.

Model plane enthusiasts rejoice in another kit of Airfix 1:24 scale Spitfire Mk.IXc will go on sale today at Hannants! This is the first time in years that such a large number of Spitfire model kits have become available to the public, and Airfix has definitely done it right this time around. The British icon, known for its legendary dogfighting prowess during World War II, has been recreated in exquisite detail by Airfix’s engineers and designers.

Airfix 1:24 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc AX17001

So elegant in appearance, the Spitfire concealed the fact that this was a deadly fighter and was adaptable enough to undergo near-continuous development throughout the war years, allowing later versions of the fighter to speed up at speeds of almost 100 mph. Faster than the first models that entered service.
With a career of service stretching back into the post-war years, the Spitfire has outstripped all its aviation contemporaries and is still flying at Airshow events around the world with over 22,000 production Spitfires from all variants built (including Seafires).
With a growing number of restored planes, the Spitfire continues to write its story to Earth. Even though the Spitfire prototype made its first flight 85 years ago, it is still considered Britain’s most famous plane type and is recognized at a glance by millions of people around the world.

The Spitfire Mk.IX variant was Spitfire’s highlight throughout its entire production run, so it’s a little surprising to learn that this is actually a temporary improvement. The arrival of the Luftwaffe’s new Focke-Wulf 190 fighter over the Western Front in August 1941, RAF Spitfire Mk. The Vs operating on the channel are falling victim to the increasing numbers of ‘Butcher Birds’ and something had to be done.
A major Spitfire upgrade was in progress, but the Mk.VIII was still some distance away as the production facilities prepared the tooling assemblies for the new plane, but there was a temporary solution. One of the key features of the new Spitfire was that it used a powerful new version of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, and this new engine was proposed to be fitted to a Spitfire Mk. The V hull would give the fighter a nice performance boost.
The first 100 Spitfire Mk.IX fighters were actually Mk. Adapted to receive the new Merlin 61 two-stage, two-speed supercharged engine, the Vc airframes produced a thoroughbred fighter with this combination capable of challenging the FW190 and the latest ‘F’ variant of the Messerschmitt Bf-.
In fact, the new Spitfire was considered so successful that it would become the second most produced variant in the entire production run, and when the licensed Packard Merlin 266 (Spitfire Mk. XVI) powered plane is included, the Mk. While more engine upgrades were made during the production life of the V variant in production numbers, the first Mk.IX Spitfires began joining RAF Fleets in July 1942, and this famous brand of Spitfire continued in service after D-Day and well into the postwar period.
The last major Merlin-engined version of the Spitfire, this ’emergency makeshift fighter’ has actually become an aviation classic. The Spitfire Mk.IXc was the Spitfire’s hallmark throughout its entire production run, as it was designed as a makeshift fighter to counter the German Fw190 while the Mk.VIII was being developed.
The Mk.IX is considered by many to be the ultimate Spitfire, combining the iconic lines of the first Spitfires that only defended the skies above South East England during the war years with a two-stage Merlin.
– Standard and clipped wing tips
– Early and late ball wedge bubbles
– Two types of rudders
– Both carburetor air intake types
– Various cockpit configuration options
– Open engine and gun bay options


Airfix 1/24 scale ALL NEW Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc:


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