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December 2022 Releases From ICM

December 2022 Releases ICM

Bristol Beaufort Mk.IA Tropical – 1:48 No: 48311

Bristol Beaufort Mk.IA Tropical

The Bristol Beaufort was a British twin-engine, long-range torpedo bomber developed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company. It was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and other Allied air forces during World War II. The Beaufort Mk.IA Tropical was a variant of the Beaufort designed for use in tropical climates. It was equipped with an extra fuel tank and had modifications to the cooling and ventilation systems to improve performance in hot weather.
The Beaufort Mk.IA Tropical was powered by two Bristol Taurus radial engines and had a crew of four. It was armed with a nose-mounted turret with two .303-inch (7.7 mm) machine guns and a dorsal turret with a single .303-inch machine gun. It could carry a payload of up to 1,600 pounds (725 kg), including torpedoes, bombs, or depth charges.
The Beaufort Mk.IA Tropical saw service in some theaters during World War II, including North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Far East. It was used for a variety of missions, including maritime patrols, anti-shipping strikes, and land attacks. The Beaufort was replaced in the RAF by the more advanced Bristol Beaufighter, but it continued to serve with other Allied air forces until the end of the war.


Normandie-Niémen. Aircraft of Roland de la Poype (Yak-9T with Roland de la Poype figure) – 1:32 No: 32093

Normandie-Niémen. Plane of Roland de la Poype

Normandie-Niémen was a French fighter squadron that served with the Soviet Air Forces during World War II. It was named after the French region of Normandy and the Niemen River, which flows through Belarus and Lithuania. The squadron was formed in 1941 and was equipped with American-made Curtiss P-40 Warhawks.
Roland de la Poype was a French pilot and the leader of Normandie-Niémen. He was born in 1922 and joined the French Air Force in 1940, shortly after the start of World War II. After France surrendered to Germany, de la Poype escaped to the United Kingdom and joined the Free French Air Force. He became the commander of Normandie-Niémen and served with the squadron until the end of the war.
Normandie-Niémen was one of the few foreign units to fight on the Eastern Front during World War II. The squadron saw extensive action against the German Luftwaffe and became known for its bravery and skill. It was credited with destroying over 200 enemy planes and was awarded many decorations, including the Soviet Union’s Order of the Red Banner. Normandie-Niémen continued to serve with the Soviet Air Forces until the end of the war and was disbanded in 1945.


US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War) – 1:48 No: 48089

US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War)

During the Vietnam War, helicopter pilots played a crucial role in the United States military’s operations. They were responsible for transporting troops, supplies, and equipment, as well as providing air support and medical evacuation for wounded soldiers.
Helicopter pilots in Vietnam faced many challenges and dangers. The weather was often hot and humid, and the terrain was rugged and forested. Pilots also had to contend with enemy fire, as well as the risk of mechanical failure and accidents. Many helicopter pilots were assigned to units known as “aero rifle platoons,” which provided close air support for ground troops and flew dangerous missions in areas with heavy enemy activity.
Helicopter pilots in Vietnam had to be skilled and experienced. They were trained in a variety of planes, including the UH-1 “Huey,” the AH-1 “Cobra,” and the CH-47 “Chinook.” They had to be able to navigate through difficult terrain and maintain control of their plane under adverse conditions. Also, they had to be able to communicate with ground units and coordinate their operations with other planes.

The Vietnam War was a difficult and controversial conflict, and helicopter pilots played a vital role in the United States military’s efforts. Many of them made significant sacrifices and risked their lives to serve their country.



Acrylic Paint Set for US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War) No: 3023


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