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Tamiya Do-335A Pheil and Kubelwagen Type 82

Tamiya Do-335A Pheil and Kubelwagen Type 82 Set Art

Tamiya 1/48 Do-335A Pheil and Kubelwagen Type 82 Set Rebox

Tamiya 1/48 Do-335A Pheil and Kubelwagen Type 82 Set announced that it will be released on the last day of the year, December 31, 2022. Let’s take a look at a preview of this set of two that will come out re-boxed.
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Tamiya Do-335A Pheil and Kubelwagen Type 82 Set 1/48 Scale

  • Brand: Tamiya
  • Title: Dornier Do335A Pfeil & Kübelwagen Type 82 Set
  • Number: 25206
  • Scale: 1:48
  • Type: Full kit
  • Released: 2023 Model set
  • Barcode: 4950344252060 (EAN)
  • Price: $38.49
About the Dornier Do335A Pfeil: Innovative styling and equipment, including two engines and propellers, a cross-shaped tail, and an ejection seat placed at the front and rear of the plane. The Do335 is a German high-speed multipurpose plane with a max speed of 760km/h. Development began in 1942, and the Do335V-1 prototype made its maiden flight in October of the following year. It showed excellent basic performance.
After that, the prototype V-5 with weapons and the production type A-0 was completed, and in September of the same year, the full-scale production type A-1 appeared. The A-0 and A-1 are single-seat fighter bombers equipped with one 30 mm gun and two 20 mm guns in the nose, as well as a bomb bay, and the war is over.
About Pkw.K1 Kubelwagen Type 82: During World War II, the Kubelwagen was used by the German military for communications, surveillance, and troop transport on all fronts, and was also used by the air force as a stand for crew members and soldiers. It was developed on the basis of Volkswagen, which was planned as a German national car. Also to the simple and lightweight body structure, the reliable air-cooled engine and 4-wheel independent suspension provided excellent running performance.

1/48 Scale Dornier Do335A Pfeil

★Length: 290 mm, Width: 288 mm.
★Large fuselage with front and rear propellers, cruciform tail, thick wings with sweep angle, etc. It is modeled for high-speed performance.
★In the cockpit, the ejection seat, control rod, instrument panel, side console, and other parts provide a three-dimensional view. The canopy can be opened or closed.
★The bomb chamber cover can be opened or closed. Interiors such as the bomb support rack are also finished. Set up a 500 kg bomb.
★All the leg chambers have been recreated for the long pedestals, thick tires, and front wheel landing gear. A metal weight attached to the nose is also included.
★Comes with 3 types of signs and 1 crew member figure.

1/48 Scale Kubelwagen Type 82 Set

★Total length 79 mm.
★The details such as the press pattern on the sides of the car body, the texture expression on the front and rear seats, and the three-dimensional measurement area are the same as 1/35MM.
★Front doors can be opened and closed for a wider range of scenes. ★Designed with an emphasis on ease of assembly, such as the integration of the rear suspension with the chassis.
★Comes with 2 pilot figures.



Tamiya paints

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