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Lukgraph Halberstadt D.II Pre-Orders Commence

Halberstadt D.II Pre-Orders Commence

Lukgraph Opens Pre-Orders for Resin-Based 1:32 and 1:48 Scale Halberstadt D.II Model Kits

Lukgraph, a Polish model kit manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the opening of pre-orders for their highly anticipated resin-based 1:32 and 1:48 scale Halberstadt D.II model kits. These meticulously crafted replicas of the renowned World War I fighter aircraft are sure to captivate aviation enthusiasts and modelers alike.

Lukgraph Halberstadt D.II Pre-Orders Commence

The Halberstadt D.II was a German two-seat biplane fighter aircraft that saw extensive service during the early stages of World War I. Known for its maneuverability and climbing ability, the D.II proved to be a formidable opponent for Allied aircraft. Lukgraph’s new model kits capture the essence of this iconic warplane in stunning detail.

Each kit features a precisely detailed resin fuselage, wings, and other components. The intricate details, such as the engine cowling, cockpit interior, and control surfaces, are meticulously replicated, bringing the Halberstadt D.II to life in miniature form.

Key Features:

  • Highly detailed resin-based model kit
  • Accurate scale representation of the Halberstadt D.II
  • Intricate details for enhanced realism
  • Choice of 1:32 or 1:48 scales

“Halberstadt D.II 1:32 & 1:48 now available for pre-orders”……………………………..Lukgraph

32-51 – Halberstadt D.II – 1:32

48-15 – Halberstadt D.II – 1:48

Equipment-set accommodates:

Resin Casting Portions:

Fuselage, wings (metal twine bolstered only one:32), horizontal and vertical fins, ailerons, tail wings.

3-D revealed portions:

Complete Inner, propeller, gun, undercarriage.

All struts, robust ABS PRO resin revealed with holes to more straightforward tie portions with twine.

3-D revealed portions packed in an alternative field to assure most coverage.

– photo-etched portions

– metal  twine to tie wings (1.2mm) and copper wires (0.8, 0.5)

– Windscreen – PE+movie

– Decals 5 schemes imaginable

– Coloured directions

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