Kits for Hobby & CMK in May/June

Special Hobby & CMK kits for May/June

We have selected the most interesting to show you in our preview…

Preview: Special Hobby &CMK kits for May/June

1/72 Westland Whirlwind FB Mk.I Fighter-Bomber We have picked the most interesting to show you in our preview…

Preview: Special Hobby & CMK kits for May/June

1/72 Westland Whirlwind FB Mk.I Fighter-Bomber The SH72201

1/72 scale is a replica of the aircraft that was designed by the British Air Ministry to meet the requirements of the British Air Ministry. The machine-gun armed Hurricanes, Spitfires, and Westland’s Whirlwind twin-engined “Cannon Fighter” were developed to meet these needs. The type eventually saw more than 100 examples produced, and production continued until the Peregrine engine shortage halted further production. Whirlwinds flew over the English Channel on fighter missions and in ground attacks. The Whirlwinds equipped with bomb racks for the later missions were given the designation FB Mk.I. Only in 1944 were they replaced by Typhoons. The 3D printed parts are then joined with resin casts, etches and 3D-printed details. The decals cater for four schemes, two of which in the earlier green-brown colours and the other two in the later scheme of green and grey, that are also corrected now compared to the earlier release, based on new available reference materials.

Fouga CM.170 Magister Aerobatic Teams

1/72nd Scale

The Fouga Magister was not only a great trainer jet, it was also an excellent aerobatic machine used by many aerobatic display teams. The Magister is covered by this release, which includes the Belgian Red Devils and Patrouille de Ecole de l Air of France as well as the FFS A Acro Team from Germany. These airframes were all painted in very striking, colourful schemes. In 1958, the first Magisters built under licence were deployed with Germany’s air force and Finland’s in 1959. They joined French Magisters in service. Israel was the third license producer and produced their first Magister in 1960. Israeli Tzukits (or Thrushes) were used for basic training and light attack during the Israeli-Arab conflict. They were successful in this role. The Magister can be used for ground attacks with a pair machine guns mounted in its nose and various weapons under its wings, such as bombs or unguided missiles. Some Fougas are still flying today, many of them in civilian hands. The model is available on 4 grey styrene parts with nice details and one clear part. SH48238

1/48th Scale

The French Dassault Super Mystere B2 was the first Western European, mass production-built jet fighter to achieve supersonic speed in a level flight. This type is a development from Dassault’s successful earlier jet fighter aircrafts, such as the Ouragan and Mystere IV. It also includes a few test prototypes. First flight of a production aircraft, of 180 total, took place on 26th February 1957. The production models were assigned to the No.10, 12, and 5 escadrons in the Armee de l’Air. They also served at the test centers CEV and CEAM, and flying schools. The engines of later machines, which were more powerful Atar101G-2 and G-3 engines, have been upgraded. This type was used by combat squadrons up until 1977, when Mirage IIIs were introduced to replace the SMB2s. SMB2s served with the French Military for a relatively short time. The only notable exceptions to this dull routine were occasional air force exercise that took place either in NATO or Africa, and Operation Air Bull. Israel Air Force, which is the largest operator outside France, saw a much more exciting flying and combat career with the SMB2 type. Their SMB2s participated in a number of clashes and conflicts between Israel and their Arab neighbours. The wars were known as the War over Water and the Six Day War. Yom Kippur War was also fought. And the Attrition War, which lasted between the regular wars. State of Israel placed an order in 1956 for SMB2 fighters, and this was confirmed two years later in 1958. SMB2, also known locally as Sambad, was delivered in two batches consisting of 24 and twelve airframes. Later, seven more were added to compensate for the losses that occurred during service. After the Sambads arrived, Israel purchased the Mirage IIIC fighter jets, which were to become its main front-line fighters. The Sambads, therefore, flew in a fighter/bomber capacity and only one Tayeset (the 105th). The French arms embargo caused a shortage of spare parts, so the Israeli Aircraft Industries proposed that the US-built J52 Turbofan be fitted to older airframes. These powerplants were lighter and more fuel efficient than their French equivalents, despite the lack of reheat. The new units were lighter and therefore had to be installed further in the fuselage. As they also came with a longer nozzle, the jet pipes of the machines are longer than the Sambad standard. This change helped the Sambad survive after it was hit by IR guided anti-aircraft weapons. The missiles would usually target the hot exhaust nozzle, and the fragments of the warheads that exploded did not strike the tail surfaces with as much force as they had on the short-tailed Sambad. Performance remained nearly the same except for initial climb rate and acceleration. The type was able to carry more stores under the wings, have a longer range, and operate within the battle area for a much longer time. Total of 26 aircraft were reengineered and were known as Sa’ar or Storm to the IAF. They were able to demonstrate their abilities in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and excelled at the ground-attack role. This model kit

is of the SMB.2 French Jet Fighter with J52 US engine and longer Tail cone. It was made from steel moulds, and has nine styrene (two are doubled), and one clear parts. This kit contains a variety of underwing armament, including the Shafrir and 250kg bombs. It also includes a 3D printed ejection chair, speed brakes as well as a number of other parts. This kit includes:

– Super Mystere “Sa’ar” – Israeli Storm In The Sky

– Accurate stencils and decals that cover three IAF aircraft in different colour schemes

– Wide range of underwing weapons included in kit

– Limited edition kit

SMB-2 SUPER MYSTERE ‘Sa’ar’ – Israeli Storm In The Sky SH48238 B

1/48th Scale The SMB.2 SH48238 kit comes now in a limited release with the excellent Super Mystere and Sa’ar Raanan Weiss /IsraDecal publication which covers the service of the SMB.2 with the Israeli Air Force and contains period and detail photographs along with colour schemes.


Westland Whirlwind Mk.I MASK 1/72 100-M72052

The re-released Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind model kit now gets these very useful pre-cut masks for the clear parts and undercarriage wheels.

P-40F/L Warhawk MASK 1/72 The pre-cut masks are for both the undercarriage and clear parts of the SH72492 kit, as well as the older P-40F/L Warhawk models with the SH72149 and SH72155 numbers. 129-6010-

1/35th Scale

The set includes a 3D printed pitot tube and 3D printed tail skid, as well as the underwing armament carried by the AH-1G. This consists of pairs of rocket launchers M200, M260, and XM150, with far more detail than kit parts. While the main body of the launchers is resin-cast, the front and back faces are 3D printed. Photo-etched details are also included.

Anhanger E-3 ‘German WWII Trailer’ 1/72 MV136

1/72nd scale

In 1940, the standard German 3-ton Trailer was introduced to replace earlier trailers in Wehrmacht arsenal. The Wehrmacht, as well as other German forces used it throughout World War II. The post-war years saw wide usage by both the German military as well as civilians in Germany and abroad. IAF Quadruple rack with 100kg Bombs (2 pieces) For SMB-2 Sa’ar Mirage III Kits 129-446

1:72 Scale

Israel received SMB-2 fighter jets as air superiority aircraft. The Mirage IIIC delta aircraft soon replaced them in this role. As a result, Super Mysteres took on a new mission as fighter bombers. This role suited the Super Mysteres very well because of their ability to carry large payloads. SMB-2s carried four-bomb quadruple bomb racks underneath the wings. Our set contains two racks and eight resin cast bombs. The set includes two racks, eight resin-cast bombs. These wheel chocks are universal, just like the real ones. These wheel chocks are universal as are real ones, too.

MG 15 Machine gun 1/72 (2 pcs)

The MG15 machine gun was developed in the 1930s by Rheinmetall-Borsig company and become the standard Luftwaffe machine gun that was used as hand held weapon in many Luftwaffe aircraft types (He 111, Ju 86, early Ju 88s). The new MG81 machine gun began to replace the MG15 in 1942. 129-P72017

1/72nd Scale

Finely detailed exhausts with aerodynamic shaped shrouds for Airfix’s Typhoon model kit.

Tempest 500 lb Bombs and racks 1/72 129-P72021

1/72nd Scale

The Airfix Tempest kit does not contain the bombs and their underwing racks. Our set fixes this omission and offers nicely 3D printed racks with 500 lb bombs.

Typhoon Mk.I Tailwheel w/Leg 1/72 / for Airfix kit 129-P72022

1/72nd Scale

3D-printed tailwheel and leg have much better detail levels than the original styrene parts of the model kit.

Elektrischer Generator 8kw fur Flak Sw-36 mit Sd.Ah.51 1/48 129-8070

1/48th Scale

The German portable Electric generator that powered the 60cm Flak Schweinwerfer searchlight assembly. The generator, like the searchlights was also transported in a trolley. This kit includes the same. The model kit is made entirely on a 3-D printer. This set includes a photo-etched grille for the fan.

Sw.36 Searchlight Crew with Binoculars, 1/48

Art. No. The searchlight crew is represented by 129-F48403

. The figures are intended for CMK 8069 kit.

Sw.36 Searchlight Crew, sitting / standing with binoculars 1/72 These figures were designed for the CMK8069 kit.

Sw.36 Searchlight Crew with Binoculars, Sitting / Standing 1/72 The searchlight crew is represented by 129-F72404-

three-dimensional printed figures. The figure of one soldier is shown sitting with the seat and operating the searchlight while another, the non-commissioned officer is shown standing with binoculars, watching the target. These figures were designed for the CMK MV130 Kit.

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