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Magic Factory 1/35 Scale M2A2 ODS-SA IFV (Ukraine)

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV (Ukraine)

Magic Factory Unveils Highly Detailed M2A2 ODS-SA IFV in Ukrainian Army Service

Magic Factory has just announced a highly detailed and eagerly awaited 1/35 scale kit of the M2A2 ODS-SA Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), specifically representing its service in the Ukrainian army. This meticulously crafted kit promises to be a delight for experienced modelers seeking to recreate this iconic vehicle with historical accuracy.


Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Box Art

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Test Build-1

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Test Build and 3D Parts

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Test Build-2

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV CAD Draw

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Painting and Marking

Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA IFV Decals and Photoetched


Precise Replication of Latest Features

Magic Factory has gone above and beyond to capture every detail of the M2A2 ODS-SA IFV in its latest configuration. The kit features:

  • 3D-Printed Parts for Modifications: The kit includes pre-printed parts specifically designed to replicate the modifications of the M2A2 ODS-SA for Ukrainian service, ensuring historical accuracy.
  • Ukrainian Army Camo Instructions and Decals: Modelers can accurately replicate the camouflage scheme and markings used by the Ukrainian army on their M2A2 ODS-SA IFVs.
  • Moveable Hatches: All crew and soldier hatches can be positioned open or closed, allowing for dynamic displays and enhanced detail.

Enhanced Side Skirt Detailing

Magic Factory has paid particular attention to the side skirts, incorporating:

  • Exquisite Photo-Etched Parts: Precisely replicated PE parts represent the anchors on the side skirt, providing a sturdy base for adding additional details like bags and packages.
  • Cutting-Free PE: The PE parts are pre-cut for ease of use, eliminating the need for potentially intricate cutting and improving overall assembly efficiency.

Semi-Assembly T161 Double Pins Tracks

The kit features newly designed T161 double pins tracks, constructed using semi-assembly parts. This innovative approach provides:

  • Improved Accuracy and Detail: The semi-assembly method allows for a more precise and detailed representation of the real-world tracks.
  • Smoother Assembly: Newly designed drive sprockets and balance shafts further enhance the assembly experience, making it easier to achieve accurate track tension and alignment.

A Must-Have for Military Modelers

Magic Factory’s M2A2 ODS-SA IFV kit is a must-have for any military modeler seeking a challenging and rewarding project. With its accurate detailing, historical fidelity, and innovative features, the kit offers an opportunity to create a truly remarkable model that captures the essence of this iconic vehicle in Ukrainian service.

Additional Information:

  • Release Date: The official release date for the M2A2 ODS-SA IFV kit is yet to be announced. However, stay tuned for further updates from Magic Factory and hobby retailers.
  • Pricing: The kit’s pricing is also to be confirmed.
  • Availability: The kit is expected to be available through Magic Factory’s website and various hobby retailers upon release.



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