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New Book: ‘Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe’

New Book: ‘Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe’

Wing Leader Takes Flight with “Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe”

Calling all fans of aviation history and the RAF’s lesser-sung heroes! Wing Leader, the go-to source for in-depth studies of wartime aircraft, has announced pre-orders for their latest publication, “Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe.” Penned by noted aviation author Andrew Thomas, this book promises a deep dive into the often-overlooked contributions of the Boston and Havoc bombers during World War II.


Wing Leader Takes Flight with "Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe" Cover


“There was a lot of excitement at Telford last month over our forthcoming Boston/Havoc book, especially with HK Models’ impressive 1/32 kit on display nearby. We are therefore delighted to announce that the book is now on our website available for pre-order, with a delivery into our warehouse scheduled for this Wednesday, 6th December.

This book covers RAF Bostons, Havocs and Turbinlites in RAF service in NW Europe. (We had so many great photos that we had to drop the North Africa and Italy photos to another volume.) Once again, we explain the differences between the various Mks and illustrate them with some very rare original wartime photos (like the one below) that we recently uncovered when purchasing old collections. To see sample pages or to pre-order, please click on the link……………………………….Wing Leader


Wing Leader Takes Flight with "Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe" Page 60

Boston/Havoc in RAF Provider NW Europe (WPA 28)

  • Writer: Andrew Thomas
  • Order: RAF Books, Original Books
  • Measurement: A4 park
  • Extent: 72 pages
  • Illustrations: approx 120 pictures and six color profiles
  • Store Jacket: Saddle stitched comfortable again


Wing Leader Takes Flight with "Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe" Page 61

Wing Leader Takes Flight with "Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe" Page 63

Wing Leader Takes Flight with "Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe" Page 64

Wing Leader Takes Flight with "Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe" Page 65

Filling the Gaps in Bomber History

While the mighty Lancaster and valiant Halifax are rightly lauded for their role in the aerial war against Nazi Germany, the Boston and Havoc – American-built A-20 and A-26 bombers respectively – played a crucial yet under-recognized part in the RAF’s bomber offensive. Often relegated to footnotes in historical accounts, these versatile aircraft served in a multitude of roles, from daylight raids and night harassments to maritime patrols and special operations.

A Veteran Takes the Helm

Andrew Thomas, the author behind this eagerly awaited book, is no stranger to unearthing forgotten stories from the skies of conflict. His previous works, including “Sunderland Squadrons” and “Beaufighter in RAF Coastal Command,” have garnered praise for their meticulous research, engaging narratives, and insightful analysis. In “Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe,” Thomas brings his expertise to bear on this under-studied chapter of RAF history, promising to shed new light on the aircraft, the crews who flew them, and the missions they undertook.

What to Expect:

  • Comprehensive coverage: The book delves into the operational history of the Boston and Havoc in RAF service, detailing their deployment across various squadrons and theaters, from the early days of the war to the final push into Germany.

  • Personal stories: Thomas breathes life into the narrative by weaving in firsthand accounts from pilots, navigators, bombardiers, and other crew members who flew these aircraft. These personal anecdotes promise to provide a human dimension to the historical backdrop.

  • Detailed analysis: The book goes beyond mere chronology, offering insightful analysis of the aircraft’s strengths and weaknesses, the challenges faced by the crews, and the impact they had on the war effort.

  • Rich visuals: “Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe” will be accompanied by a plethora of photographs, illustrations, and maps, bringing the era and the aircraft to life for the reader.

A Must-Have for Aviation Enthusiasts

For anyone with a passion for aviation history and a desire to delve deeper into lesser-known aspects of the air war, “Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe” is a must-have. Andrew Thomas’s meticulous research, engaging writing style, and focus on personal stories promise to deliver a comprehensive and captivating account of these often-overlooked aircraft and the brave crews who flew them.

Pre-order your copy today and be among the first to embark on this exciting journey into the forgotten corners of RAF history!


“Boston/Havoc in RAF Service NW Europe” is available for pre-order now through Wing Leader’s website and is expected to be released in early 2024.


I hope this article piques your interest in this upcoming book and provides a helpful overview of what to expect. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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