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Revell New Kits January-June 2023


Revell’s annual press conference in Bünde is traditionally held annually. The new models of Revell, which will be released in the first 6 months of 2023, were announced at this meeting. Let’s look at the details.

1:144 Let’s start with small-scale airplanes.

Airbus A300-800 ST “Beluga” (03817) will be available for modelers on dealer shelves from January:

144 Airbus A300-800 ST Beluga 03817

Airbus A330-300 “Lufthansa New Livery” will be tracked in March with number 03816:

144 Airbus A330-300 Lufthansa New Livery 03816

Two naval fighters will arrive in the first half of 2023

On the one hand, a destroyer (No. 05179) of the 119 class (Fletcher Class) as Z1 or Z5 in January:

05179_German-Destroyer-Class-119-Z1Z5 144

Something special about it (and we hope you can see it in the picture!): It’s a PLATINUM version from Pontos, South Korea, with plenty of photo-etched parts and turned metal tubes for tube armament.

And then in April a NEW VEHICLE with number 05167 – submarine type IXC/40 (U 190):

05167_German-Submarine-Type-IX-C40-U190 144

1:87 SCALE

In 1983, the class 03 locomotive made its first appearance in the Revell catalog – forty years later in January, railroad fans could put this kit back on the rails (no. 02166):

02166_Lokomotive-BR03 187

1:76 SCALE

03344 Krupp Protze with 3.7 cm PAK announced for May:

03344_Krupp-Protze-KFZ-69-with-37cm-Pak 176

The scale already betrays it: Of course, the beautiful old Matchbox kit from the mid-1970s, including the then-innovative display base!
It’s excellent that Revell continues to send us nostalgic exhilaration with old Matchbox lovers!

1:72 SCALE

The only kit that came in May with number 05652 is the wonderful 1:72 scale C-54 as a “75 years of Berlin Airlift” gift set:

05652-75th-Anniversary-Berliner-Luftbruecke 172

Due to current events (but possibly WITHOUT Ukrainian markings), the beautiful Panzerhaubitze will be re-released in February 2000 with the number 03347:

03347_Panzerhaubitze-2000 172

Next will be M1A2 Abrams (No. 03346) in April:

03346_M1A2-Abrams 172

ATF Dingo (03345) will be released in June as the final reprint on small scale;

03345_ATF-Dingo-1 172

1:48 SCALE

In the classic quarter scale, two kits come from ICM patterns: 1:48 scale Beechcraft Model 18 (No. 03811) in February …

03811-Beechcraft-Model-18 148

… and then in April 1:48 scale Dornier Do 217 J-1/J-2 (No. 03814):

03814-Do-217J-12 148

The old 1990 Scorpion will be resurrected in June with the number 05650 as a gift set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Northrop F-89 Scorpion:

05650-50th-Anniversary-Northrop-F-89-Scorpion 148

1:35 SCALE

GTK Boxer GTFz. Available again in March under item number 03342:

03343_GTK-Boxer-GTFz 135

The Unimog S 404, which should be on dealer shelves in May in Revell package (No. 03348), comes from very up-to-date ICM forms:

03348_Unimog-404S 135

(Hopefully, with different branding options than the ICM-KIt we’re discussing here!)

1:32 SCALE

We already expected the BF 109G-6 as an easy click kit last year – now we can look forward to March (03653):

03653_Messerschmitt_Bf109_G6_easy-click 132

Originally announced for fall 2022 at 1:48 am, the scale has been changed for technical reasons and the airtime has been delayed!

Once the final production sample is available, we’ll see how convincing the design made from compression blocks (like Airfix’s Quickbuild series) is. The prototype shown to us was still a 3D print and thus we cannot give a reliable explanation now!

04969 H 145 ADAC/REGA (March):

04969-H145-ADAC-REGA 132

1:24 SCALE

Another variant of Revell’s beautiful Landrover took almost three years to develop!

07056_Land-Rover-Series-III-LWB-109-commercial 124

Now is the time: In February, the Landrover Series III LWB 109 Commercial will appear under product number 07056 with a modified build and a new platform.

Also in February, the Unimog U 1300 will be available again as TLF 8/18 (No. 07512):

07512-Mercedes-Benz-U-1300-L-TLF-8_18 124

The 1966 Shelby GT 350R arrives in March with product number 07716:

Revell 1966-Shelby-GT-350-R-124

And as a gift set, we can rebuild a 1990 VW Corrado in June (#05666):

05666_VW-Corrado 124

And as the latest 1:24 innovation, for now, the VW T2 Bus Easy Click will appear in June as a Technic Edition with lights and engine sounds under the number 00459:

00459_VW-T2-Bus-Technik 124


The Jaguar E-Type 07717 in 1:8 giant scale from the Monogram/Revell mold pool will be an absolute highlight in March:

07717_Jaguar-E-Type 18

Price has an effect here too – but for less than 200 euros you get a lot of crafting fun and here too you can write: An absolute eye-catcher!

Star Wars on various scales

Star Wars and no end!
As in previous years, many Star Wars kits will delight fans and bring sales to retailers in 2023.

Let’s start April with Razor Crest from Revell’s (item no. 06788) 1:72 scale Mandalorian range:


It is a PLATINUM version with lots of etched parts:

06788_The-Mandalorian-Razor-Crest_Detail-3-150x150 06788_The-Mandalorian-Razor-Crest_Detail-2-150x150 06788_The-Mandalorian-Razor-Crest_Detail-1-150x150 06788_The-Mandalorian-Razor-Crest_Detail-4-150x150

Without etched parts, Bandai will launch the TIE Interceptor at 1:72 in May (No. 01212):


Also from Bandai molds comes Razor Crest at 1:144 number 01213 to be delivered in May:

Revell BANDAI-Razor-Crest

In June, the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium will land on the counters of Star Wars fans at “Box Scale” 1:106 as the “40 Years Return of the Jedi” gift set number 05657:


Another gift set “40 Years Return of the Jedi” is Y-Wing Fighter’s number 05658 on a 1:72 scale:


And last but not least, the “40 Years Return of the Jedi” gift set (item number 05659) with the Millennium Falcon at 1:72:


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