How to fix weathering pigments?

how to fix weathering pigments

How to fix weathering pigments?

You can apply the pigments you will use to dust or soil the model directly with a brush and then wipe it off.

Or, it can be applied with an active substance (alcohol, varnish, water, zippo gasoline, turpentine, wash liquid, etc.) and wiped according to to need. It shows its trace and effect with this application.

It can be mixed with joint, paint, sand, water, etc. to make mud and applied with a brush.

How to fix pigments?

  1. For example; For tank pallets, we first apply turpentine or zippo gasoline to the pallet and then apply the pigment with a brush. Of course, the ratio of zippo gasoline or turpentine to be on the brush should be very small. (As much as the amount of paint in the dry brushing technique)
  2. After a while, we wipe off the excess with our fingers or brush.
  3. Then we pour some pigment into zippo gasoline/turpentine and brush the resulting slurry between the palettes. Again we delete the excess.
  4. When it dries, we fix it by pouring some “Pigment Fixer” on it.
  5. Otherwise, that pigment will come out every time your finger touches it. That’s why it’s usually the last step.
  6. We protect it with the latest spray matt varnish or glossy varnish.

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