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Diecast cars 1:18 / What is a Diecast Model Car ???

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You have recently seen or heard of plenty of hobby and toy stores and web addresses with this name. The most frequently asked word is Diecast cars 1:18? Let’s briefly give some information about Diecast without going into scales.

Diecast Model Cars are the top point where Art and Technology combine in Miniature Cars. You can find all the details of the Real Cars in a Diecast Model Car.
Because details and material quality is a branch of modeling is given great importance. You can find your pleasure in real cars almost even on these models. You will feel as if you have a collection of vehicles in your home. Because the realism, the weight at hand, and the realism of the parts of the model (from leather seats to fabric mats) give people unspeakable feelings. Buddha naturally formed a Collector’s mass.

Those who implement this Hobby are called “Diecast Model Car Collectors” …

History of Diecast Cars:

In fact, the world has long been a known concept of die-cast.
It is a kind of metallic alloy die-cast; It consists of a mixture of zinc and aluminum. The other name of this mixture is “ZAMAK”. So the combination of “Zinc” and “Aluminium” in English…

The first “Modern” Model car, known today as our understanding, was produced by a company named “Tootsie Toys (Dowst Brothers)” In 1919 in the United States by pouring metal alloy (diecast cars). At that time in Europe, they were not yet diecast but produced from tin and similar metals. In general, 2. Until World War, I was in “tin” toy fashion. Rather than the model, these tin models, which appeal to children, would show themselves in all areas. However, over time began production with “diecast” cost more quickly and cheaply.
Previously, diecast toys were produced in the type of car or truck without internal details. This metal, produced with technology at the time, had a more fragile structure, and the reason was unintelligible, sometimes broken in a small effect.

In general, a diecast cars is manufactured at the following scales:1:5-1:8-1:10-1:12-1:15-1:16-1:18-1:20-1:24-1:32-1:43-1:64-1:72-1:87

The most popular of these scales are 1:12-1:18-1:24-1:43-1:72 and 1:87 floors are small scales.

In terms of example, a 1/18 scale model is compared with a standard size metal coin on the lower side.

Diecast models are manufactured naturally in scale and are minimized by adhering to the dimensions of their reality. So for example, if a Mercedes 4.28 m, this vehicle is 18 times smaller than the 1/18 scale diecast is called.

If we take a look at the most common and popular Diecast cars 1:18 brands in the U.S. market today, we can give you a summary:




Diecast is a brand called the Piri of the model world. It manufactures in middle-class and quality. However, it is now acquired by another model company because its factory in Italy is bankrupt. It is still possible to come across some models in the market.


The quality is similar to BBurago. There are a lot of product varieties. Besides, the factory is now closed.


Recently, it is a company that has started to stand out by increasing its quality and detail craftsmanship by making serious strides. The models are a line between the toy and the model. However, some models have passed this line by the collector model. The market is abundant.


It is a company that is followed by a variety of medium and medium high-class products and is loved by collectors. Recently, it has started to market more quality products.

Hot Wheels (Mattel)

It follows a line between the middle and middle-upper class. The most important feature is that it is popular with collectors because it is the only authorized manufacturer of Ferrari products. It has recently been in the company’s efforts to increase its quality. Naturally, the price is rising.

UT Models

It is a brand that has stopped production. However, as in BBurago, some models are still on the market and are sought. It is a middle-class model. And some models are kept by collectors because they are not manufactured by another model company.



It is a medium top-class company and offers quality products. A German brand, it stands out in the old classic European models. Not much on the market but in certain places. Prices are very specific according to the quality. There are not many these days.


It is a middle-class brand and caters to collectors with its abundant product range. It can be found comfortably on the market.


It is a brand that manufactures middle and middle-upper class. Although some models are no longer available on the market, it is estimated that product entry will increase in the coming years. Recently, this brand has been observed to improve detail and product quality and has a wide range of products from old classics to new modern models.


It is a brand that is considered the lowest class in the diecast community. It produces more classic American models.


This brand, which draws attention with its 1/43, 1/72, and 1/87 scale models, is kept in the market with abundant product varieties. It has medium-and medium-high-grade detail based on its scale and is sold at very reasonable prices. There’s plenty on the market.

Yacht Ming

It is located in the middle and middle-upper classes. It is in the market with abundant product varieties and availability.

Franklin Mint

It is a top-class company. It only manufactures American models and is a very good resource for American car collectors.

Highway 61

It is a top-class company. It only manufactures American models and is a very good resource for American car collectors.


It is a medium-middle top-class company. Abundant American models are loved by collectors with their products. This brand can be found comfortably in the market right now.


This company, which produces only modified models, has exaggerated lines in terms of detail. Therefore, it produces a different line from normal models. Production between the bottom and middle class. There is not much on the market.


It is a top-class company. It is among the collectors ‘ favorites with its abundant assortment.


This company makes high-class production. It is among the collectors ‘ favorite firms. Although the product range is not as much Autoart, it is constantly competing with Autoart. It is possible to come across all models on the market.

Because the tin was made entirely by hand, it cost more. During the 2nd World War, production was reduced due to economic difficulties, because metal was ultimately a precious material. But since the 1950s, this sector has been mobilized again. And so the toys and models produced with Diecast began to show more. In England, “Meccano (Dinky Toys)”, Matchbox (Lesney), and then Majorette and TIU appeared. In time, details were added and models that made it very difficult to distinguish from the fact such as glass, engine detail, suspension, the opening of doors, etc. began to be produced.

Solido and Dinky Toys brands, 2. Before the World War. In the process of slowing down due to a little war, they subsequently regain movement. So 2. It is difficult to come across the diecast models before World War II. Later in the 1960s, the diecast toy industry gained even more value. Companies such as “Corgi” and “Hot Wheels-Mattel” have emerged and taken this sector further. Currently, dozens of Diecast companies operate in this area. And the overwhelming majority of these firms are in China. It produces its own models in China, regardless of the origin of a manufacturer. Because as it is known now, China is the cheapest country in labor.

The first time, in the models, the flow of the sector was changed by commissioning in the subsequent scaling and standardization. For example, “Bburago”, one of the giants of this sector, has introduced a new color to the market as the first company to use the scale of 1/18.

The following criteria are effective for the value and prices of a model:

1-Detail: How much detail, so realism.
2-Number of materials: if the number of materials increases in the model detailing, the visuals increase, and the price increases naturally.
3-Material Quality: No work is done by giving details to a model only with the material. If the material used is quality, it gains a distinct value. For example, using plastic in the place where Metal should be, gives clear information about the quality of the material and hence the value of the model.
4-Scale: As the scale of the model grows, the price increases. But if the scale is large and there is no quality, it may not increase. The price decreases as the model shrines. However, there is no such requirement because the smaller the detail and the more difficult it is to apply the material to the model, some quality brands can put astronomical figures on small scales due to this detail and material quality.
5-Discoverability: Less produced, limited-edition models are expensive. The less the stock market is, the more precious it is. Old models that have been discontinued are sometimes valuable. This price varies according to the brand and quality.

There are some major reasons why diecast modeling is popular. The most valid ones are:
1-They are ready.
2-They are heavy. Diecast is ultimately a metal and gives modelers a sense of realism, like a real car bonnet.
3-Detail and quality of paint craftsmanship.
4-Product Variant.
5-Not in the toy class (due to fine craftsmanship is not suitable for persons under a certain age. This hobby is more suitable for ages 12 and up.)

If we take a look at today’s diecast attributes, market, and tricks, we can provide you with a summary and information like:

• A diecast model gains value by detail. Because of the number of parts used in detail, quality and quality of craftsmanship increases the appearance quality and realism. But this is one of the important issues to be aware of; The increase in quality is not proportional to the parts of the model, i.e. the excess of the material used. When the material quality of a very detailed and functional model is low, the model can have a more toy-like value and air. The plastic that is used makes the person feel “plastics” directly, causing the model to fall down. In short, it is not a “collector’s product” that attaches importance to quality and detail.

• The presence of a model in the market causes the product to decrease in time. Otherwise, the brand and quality of a model, which is less than or discontinued, is inherently valuable because it enters the class of lesser ones.
• Nowadays it is necessary to pay great attention when buying models available for sale by a wide variety of people. It is also beneficial to buy from companies, not as individuals as possible. This is very important in this collection branch because of such cases as product refunds, discount benefits, Counterpartner discovery, etc.
• As is known, this hobby is based on a high budget. However, other than the company, it should not be ignored by individuals with a recognized, trusted, and robust reference. Because you never know which model is where, when, how, and how much.
• The difference in the model itself should be considered. In other words, a company’s Nissan Skyline model and B’s Skyline model should be selected. Whichever is more detailed and quality should be selected.


It is a top-class company. It has a wide range of products and is very successful and popular, especially in European models. It is possible to find all models.


Diecast is one of the top 5 brands in the world. Ultra-high-grade and sold at higher prices. It usually manufactures old racing models.


It is one of the Ultra-high class firms that entered the top 5. There is not much product range but it has extremely high-quality products and makes handmade products. Prices are also naturally high.


It is one of the Ultra-high class firms. No diecast material is produced from a plastic material called “Resin”. However, it is usually preferred by diecast collectors. Prices are also high.


It is one of the Ultra-high class firms that entered the top 5. It produces more than 1/43 scale and is hand-crafted. Recently started to make “Resin” models.

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